The desert safari guarantees adventure, thrill, fun, and even bonding. 1

The sand and dunes, the facilities, the social gathering of choice, new friendships, bonding with old ones, the crazy challenges, sports and games and even relaxation are all part of the experience in desert safariThis is a place you can visit with your friends, your partners, or even your family or children. It is safe and fun for people of all ages as all the activities here provide options for people of all ages. When you visit, you will be sure to notice giggles of little kids, cackles of the older generation, and smiles on the faces of young adults, all enjoying themselves one and the same, feeling one under the endless blue sky or a black drape embedded with sparkling lights. Sitting in an open vehicle or taking an exhilarating bike ride up and down these sand dunes, with an elevated heartbeat, beautiful scenery, and seeing the setting sun is nothing short of a once in a lifetime experience in desert safari. To be able to stand on top of the highest dune and hoist yourself at a great height, with the entirety of the desert in your line of sight- nothing beats that. The highest sand dunes have also proven to be the perfect spots for your picture of the trip, the highlight of dubai, the desert safari. Speaking of pictures, this place is like heaven for photographers. Not only the activities but the colors and scenery provide for beautiful subjects for aspiring artists.

For photographs, it may also be one of the easiest places to capture on a camera because of its flawless nature, the photographer need not try much to find the right angle, the right lighting, or spend hours finding or making presets to make the picture look magical. The view is magnificent as it already is and it does not require any technical touch-ups. Every hour reflects differently in the desert safari and feels like a different experience. The sun follows a different theme and shade of orange for each time, completely changing how the desert looks. Each time, day or night feels like a different experience and so it goes, desert safari is an experience full of many other experiences. Many people come here and find so much inspiration, be it for painting, photography or even their books. Painters find their brushes working magic, smoothly on the canvas, without much effort but still claim that they are never able to truly capture the moment

. Photographers find their easiest project ever, a scene that needs to touch-ups or edits and is simply beautiful in its raw and natural state. Writers find solace and quiet and peace to think straight here. They can both catch a break here from their tiring writing or get over a writers block here. Camels with tourists on their back, enjoying the cool breeze on their face, making their way through the desert, laden in traditional clothes, children giggling on quad bikes or excited screaming in jeeps, smiling faces around a campfire as stories are shared and new friendships kindle are some of the beautiful scenes that you can observe in desert safari.

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