3 Must-Have Tools for Handy Home Repair


DIY home repair has never been easier than it is with these 3 versatile tools…

One of the biggest goals in life that the majority of us have is to become a home-owner. For many of us, this means years of hard work and saving, plenty of graft and the support of friends and family. Once we achieve this goal, we are exuberant, we feel we have made it in life… we are happy.

After a few days it begins to sink in that you are the one in charge of your new home. You are the place where the buck stops. When the boiler breaks mid-December, it’s you that has to pay for it. When the pipes burst, you are the one in charge. You are still the boss when you turn on a faucet and it comes off in your hand.

And that’s when you start to realize. You need the tools to fix these things. Owning a house means owning a toolbox. Here are three handy things to put in there because sooner or later you are going to need them.

The 3 Best Tools to Keep “Just in Case”

Without hesitation, go and buy these three things. You can come back and thank us when they come in handy.

1 – Sugru

If you haven’t heard of Sugru yet, prepare to be amazed. This is a moldable glue, which comes in little sheets in neat packets. The glue is similar to a putty, and you can stick it to anything, mold it into shape, and then leave it for 24 hours.

At the end of the 24-hour period, the glue will have set hard into a silicone rubber. There is a little movement in it, but no more than a regular tough rubber. The things you can fix with it about the home are almost endless. Patch a pipe, fix a cracked screen, mend your spectacles, apply it to the tv remote so that it bounces instead of smashing, the applications go on and on and on.

2 – Hammer and Nails

Not only nails, but get yourself some screws and a screwdriver, while you are at it. A set of pliers won’t go amiss, either. There really aren’t any DIY projects you can’t tackle with this as a basic tool set. You might want a spanner if you are into fixing mechanics in your garage, but otherwise, these are great tools to form a basic set.

3 –Glue

Sugru is a fantastic product for permanent repair, but you wouldn’t use it for art projects. Well you might, but if you just want to stick a label on a letter then a glue stick is essential.

Fun fact about glue: a girl on the internet recently used a spray glue do her hair with and is now suing the manufacturer. You can find out more, here. Don’t put glue in your hair.

If you keep all of these things in your house, you will eventually use them. Trust us… we are the homeowners who have gone before.

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