5 Signs That You Need Pest Control Services


Pests are an uninvited guest who may get into your house anytime. Ants, wasps, mice, cockroaches and bugs can make your life a nightmare. They can also cause serious hygiene issues, property damage and may even cause infection among your family members.

Many people wait to call pest control only after the situation goes out of hand. This is not right. The longer you let the pest linger in your house, the more difficult it gets to exterminate them. Long term infestation may also lead to recurring attack from the pests even after extermination.

So, when should you ideally get in touch with your local pest control? Here are five signs that could tell you:

Unpleasant Smell in the House

The first sign that usually announces the arrival of these unwanted guests is a terrible odor.  If there is a foul odor in your house from inexplicable sources, then it is a telltale sign of pest infestation. Pests such as cockroaches cause an extremely musty and pungent smell. 

On the other hand, rats and mice emit a strange smell that is quite close to ammonia. In fact, you can even identify the kind of pest you have in your house through the smell.

Excess Moisture in the House

Places that pests love to infest are those that have a damp atmosphere with excess moisture. Damp places give the pests the ideal place to breed and grow. Thus, these infestations tend to get serious in no time. That is why it is always advisable that if your house has damp corners, get the pest control beforehand. 

Getting such surfaces treated from before can negate the chances of infestation.

Daytime Sightings of Pests

One of the most obvious signs that there are pests in your house is daytime sightings. Daytime sightings take place only after the pest population in your house has grown quite heavy. If you ignore it still, the chances are that the pests will begin to damage your property. For instance, sightings of termites are usually followed by damage to wooden property.

Inexplicable Bite Marks

Pests such as bed bugs usually come out only at night. That is why it gets extremely difficult to spot them with the eyes. The signs that such pests have made their house in your home are through the bite marks. If you wake up with inexplicable bite marks on your body, this is a clear sign of pest infestation. 

Do not wait till the pests cause you some disease or infection.

Home Remedies Are Failing

The first step that people usually take when they spot pests in the house is trying some home remedies. If they work for you and successfully exterminate the pests, then you may relax. However, if even your best attempts show no results, it means that the problem is deep-rooted and serious.

In such circumstances, you must at once get in touch with an experienced and qualified pest control team.

Keeping these signs in mind, you will be able to easily identify and exterminate pests from your house.

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