7 Steps To Build A WordPress Website


If you have finally decided to build a WordPress website, you have made the right decision. Why, do you ask? WordPress powers nearly 39% of websites, which is one-third of the entire webspace. This is no surprise, as WordPress and web hosting plans have made it easier for small businesses and bloggers to own a website without much expense or expertise.

WordPress platform is open to all to access its features and build a website to support and promote their passion and business goals. However, most people feel overwhelmed thinking about where to start, which WordPress hosting to buy, and how to set up a website from start to finish.

If all these queries are holding you back from building a WordPress website, here are the 7 easy steps you can follow to kickstart your online journey with a WordPress website.

Step 1: Decide a domain name

What will you call your online blog or business? Your domain name is your web address where your audience can access your website. It is what your audience will type in the URL bar.

For example, wordpressmadeeasy.com, here WordPress Made Easy is a domain name while .com is a domain extension. You can choose any domain name of your choice provided that it isn’t already taken by someone else.

Pick a domain name that is easy to understand, remember, and is relevant to your business niche or offerings.

Step 2: Choose the best hosting provider

Once you have picked a domain name, the next step is to buy the right WordPress hosting to build your WordPress website.

There are unlimited web hosting service providers you will find online. However, you should choose the right hosting service provider who provides features and plans to price aligned with your website goals and budgets.

Here are some of the key factors you should look for when you decide to buy WordPress hosting plans.

  • Free domain and SSL certificates
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Faster loading speed
  • Performance and security
  • Amazing customer support

Step 3: Install WordPress

Now that you have decided on the plan and WordPress web hosting provider, the next step is to buy the desired plan and install WordPress.

And here’s where you get to handle all things WordPress. Depending on the hosting provider, you can install either WordPress through the hosting provider’s dashboard or you will have to install WordPress manually.

If you face any problems during this stage, you can contact the customer support team of your hosting provider.

Step 4: Choose your WordPress website theme

Now the real fun begins. Once you have installed WordPress successfully, go to the WordPress theme tab and choose from a host of WordPress themes and designs.

WordPress offers unlimited options of website themes for every niche – travel, food, fitness, education, photography, fashion, lifestyle, magazine, and more. You can choose the theme that goes well with your website niche and business goals.

Step 5: Customize WordPress theme

Choosing a pre-designed WordPress theme gives you a head-start. Moreover, every theme comes with plenty of customization options such as colors and fonts, custom logo, website background, widgets, plugins, and more.

You can add widgets and plugins and use theme features to customize WordPress and easily design your own unique website.

Step 6: Make your website content-rich

Designing a WordPress website brings you a step closer to building your website. However, you are only ready to launch your website when you have made it content-rich.

And by content, we mean pages and posts both. Start by adding relevant and keyword-rich content for your website’s home page, about us, contact page, services, or other relevant category pages.

Now that your website has relevant content that tells your audience who you are and what you do, it’s time to take this conversation further by writing regular posts and converting your visitors into loyal customers or subscribers.

Step 7: Launch website and focus on improvements

With static pages and the first few posts to start, your website is ready to launch. You can make your website public from your hosting provider’s dashboard.

Once you have launched your website, your next steps should be focused on promoting your website on different social media platforms to gain more authentic traffic and nurture your audience into customers or subscribers.

Final thoughts

With this step-by-step guide, you can easily start building your WordPress website and start your journey of online business to achieve your goals and sore new heights of success.

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