A natural solution to do away with blackheads once for all


We all face problems of blackheads in our daily lives. The major challenge is keeping them away after removing them. It is always recommended that the blackheads be removed by the application of a facial scrub or a Face Mask rather than squeezing it out. Squeezing does more harm than good.

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The formation of small dark lesions on the skin is called Blackheads. Blackheads are actually symptoms of acne. They are caused by the clogging of the open pores of the skin with oil and dead skin cells. they are not infectious and non-inflammatory that is there will not be any discomfort or because of these blackheads, unlike pimples. The blackheads have a raised texture from the skin but are generally not more than pimples.


There are many factors that contribute to the blackheads on the face. One of the major factors being the change in age. With the change in age, there are a lot of hormonal changes. As we grow from childhood to adolescence our body goes through many hormonal changes at this time. This is called puberty. During puberty, the hormonal levels spike in the body and this, in turn, leads to an increase in the secretion of sebum secretion which is an oil of the skin. This sebum gets accumulated in the open pores of the skin accumulating dirt and dead skin cells. The dead skin cells on accumulation in the pores go through oxidation and the melanin of the skin on oxidation turns dark in colour. It not only occurs at puberty but also at any age in life.

The health-related factors such as usage of steroid-based drugs and medication, health problems concerned with hormonal changes or stress also lead to an increase in sebum secretion and in turn leads to blackheads. The increase in androgen increases the secretion of sebum. There are also external factors that contribute to the formation of blackheads such as heavy usage of cosmetic products leading to the blockage of the skin pores. staying too long in a hot and humid environment will also lead to an increase in sebum and in turn blackheads.


It is always recommended to visit a dermatologist in cases of skin problems and blackheads. There are also many homemade treatments that are available for the treatment of the skin which help in the removal of blackheads and avoided regrowth.

Use of Baking Soda: The baking soda has many antiseptic qualities and is so used for treating the skin and cleaning it of all the dirt and dead cells by applying it in a Face Mask. It exfoliates the skin scrubbing away the dead cells and smoothening the skin by removing the blackheads. It also reduces the oil secretion of the skin and this prevents the occurrence of the blackheads in future.

Use of Cinnamon: The Cinnamon has antibacterial qualities and is also good for usage in a face mask. It is helpful against blackheads, acne and smoothens the skin to provide a healthy glow.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice has vitamin C which is known to fight wrinkles. Its acidic properties for cleaning the clogged pores acting as an astringent removing the dead skin cells. It also stimulates collagen production and increases the quality of the skin.

Green Tea: The vitamins in green tea help rejuvenate the skin and antioxidants of the green tea help in breaking down the oil of the skin and removes the impurities of the skin. This removes blackheads and acne as well as prevents the future occurrence of the same.

Honey: Honey is both rich in antibacterial properties and antiseptic properties. They help in destroying the impurities and infections on the skin. The help clean the clogged pores of the skin while tightening the skin to provide a wrinkle-free look.

While nature is already filled with these superb ingredients, you should really make use of them in order to fight various skin issues.

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