An Insight Into How A Workplace Call Button Works


Crime is a daily occurrence and the world could be a very dangerous place.

One might argue that one can or will fall prey to crime if he or she ventures out but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Crime has many faces. From alleyway muggings to school shootings and violent acts inside a place of business, you can also witness and become a victim of crime so it is best not to think that when you are at work you are safe.

Safety can also get tossed in the bin when people at a workplace face an accident. Workplaces are not only limited to cubicles and ergonomic chairs. If you own a warehouse or a metal processing plant, chances are high that your team members may get hurt by malfunctioning heavy equipment or due to sheer negligence.

All of the aforementioned scenarios paint the same picture – accidents and crime can happen at any time and when they do, intervention from the emergency as well as security authorities is crucial. This is the only way to save lives and prevent damages to a place of business.

Where do workplace call buttons come in all of this?

Installing a workplace button system is a sign you are sending out to the world that you are a sensible and responsible business owner. Being a business owner is not at all a walk in the park as you need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees.

So what is a workplace call button?

A workplace call button system is designed around the same concept as a traditional button system but the difference lays in the fact that the former relies on wireless technology and of course, the internet.

Modern-day button systems allow a person in distress to press a button on their Smartphone, much like a traditional system but here the distress signal travels wirelessly through the internet.

How does it work?

When a physical or virtual button is pressed by a person in distress, the signal reaches the monitoring station run by the brand that has manufactured and installed the system in the workplace of a company.

The role of this 24/7 running monitoring station is to forward the information to the authorities so that the emergency response team can reach the site within minutes from the initial alert was initiated.

How to know which is the right system for your place of business?

When you are out shopping for a workplace button system be sure to choose one that has features that are suitable for your unique requirements.

With that stated, always ensure that the system you have chosen has the feature that allows you to custom-design security protocols for your place of business and your employees.

Another feature that your workplace call button system should have is the ability of the system to synchronize with Smartphone apps that sends the panic signal to as many people as possible in minimal delay.

You should also look for a feature in the system that offers the GPS location of the person in distress so that emergency responders, as well as law enforcers, can zero in on the location in no time.

Thanks to the advent of modern-day button systems that are specifically designed for workplaces, business owners can now protect both their workforce as well as their commercial property easily and that too without going broke! Get in touch with a renowned call button supplier and installer for more details.

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