Best SEO Tools to Optimize a Website in 2021


Thinking on how to improve your SEO game? There are various tools on the web free as well paid to help you improve your visibility with a strategized SEO plan.

Thinking about how to grab the best ones? Well, we have already done the work for you! Here we are presenting you with some of the best SEO tools available in the market.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools and comes after Google. So, if your first preference is not Google console then, choosing this can be a smart choice. When we talk about SEO agencies, they love to use its SEO analysis tool. The reason behind this is that the tool will flawlessly tell you the problems in your website and where it needs improvement. The tool also helps you figure out your competitors’ backlinks and helps you give a good kick start to your business. Not only this, you can keep a track of the linked content in the entire niche and take required measures to fix those broken links.

  1. Google search console

If you are a beginner in the field and looking for free tools to help you out with website optimization then, Google search console is the best tool for your business. Google allows you to fly high even if you are a beginner. The features it has allows you to know about your website and all the bugs it has with just a single glance. The best part about all this is that this tool is easy to use and understand, so it helps beginners in a better way. Also, you know that Google keeps on updating its tools now and then so, you have to keep a keen eye for all the new tools that show up now and then.

  1. Majestic SEO tools

One of the oldest SEO tools available in today’s time is the Majestic SEO tool which is also said to be super effective and useful by a lot of SEO experts. This tool focuses on backlinks that are a vital element used to increase your reach through SEO. Backlinks are nothing but links that are placed on other websites to receive a better reach. If you think that the original version is expensive then, you can buy the lite version that will cost you around $50/ month. So, if you have the budget then this tool can be great to handle your backlinks.

  1. SEM rush

Another favourite SEO tool that a lot of marketers prefer is SEM Rush. This tool helps you analyse your website ranking easily, lets you identify the changes that are required to improve the SEO and lists new ranking opportunities too. This tool is often compared to Ahref and we think SEMRush is better. This is because when we sit to analyse Ahref vs SEMrush, you will notice that SEMRush allows you to compare your website with your competitors whereas Ahref doesn’t!

  1. KWFinder

Want to find long-tail keywords that are low in competition and help you rank higher? Well, KWFinder can help you figure that out. It will not only help you find the right keywords but also help you draft an analysis report on SERPs and backlinks. They give you access to a tool known as a rank tracker that will help you with pinning your rank and track all the improvements you made in the past to increase the reach of your website. Not only this, but the tool also churns up fresh keyword ideas for you to rank even higher! Great right?

  1. MozPro

A lot of SEO and marketing experts claim that this tool is one of the best SEO tools available online. They have been thinking about how the results are always accurate when Google constantly keeps on changing their algorithms. MozyPro allows you to chat online and find out answers to the problems you are facing with your website and if you think they will be unresponsive, then you are wrong! You will always receive an insightful answer for every question you put on the chatbox. The tool also helps you analyse your website’s growth and make sure to tell you problems that can be changed to deliver a better experience. You are also free to download their toolbar and get help with analysing the metrics of your website while you browse any page. To discover more about SEO tactics for website optimization, visit this website: 

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