Everything You Should Know About Product Packaging


What is product packaging?

When you say packaging, you refer to the process of designing the package. Such as containers and wrappers. It is very significant in the marketing success or failure of many products. Especially for products that are non-durable. It provides protection to the product. It also acts as a promotional tool. Customers often assess the quality of the product from its packaging. People even describe it as a silent salesman.

What are the levels of packaging?

There are three levels of packaging. Primary, secondary, and transportation packaging.

  • Primary packaging. This refers to the product’s immediate package. This package is often retained until the consumer is ready to use the product. Examples are plastic packet for socks and jars carrying jam.
  • Secondary packaging. This is the extra packaging given to the product to protect it. An example of this is a soap that comes in a cardboard box. The consumer needs to throw the box first and then discard the plastic wrapper to get hold of the soap.
  • Transportation packaging. This refers to packages essential for storing, identifying, or transporting. The use of corrugated boxes and wooden crates are good examples of this.

What are the functions of packaging?

Packaging has four common functions. Product identification, product protection, facilitating the use of the product, and product promotion.

  • Product identification. Easy identification of the product is important in packaging. Consumers should be able to identify the products even at a distance by relying on the packaging.
  • Product protection. Most people consider this the most important function of packaging. It ensures the protection of a product from spoilage, leakage, and breakage. The effective protection during storage and transportation of a product is also ensured.
  • Facilitating the use of the product. Packaging helps the consumers to handle and use the product with ease. Examples of this are toothpaste tubes and bottles of beverages.
  • Product promotion. Packaging also acts as an important promotional tool. The attention of people is often attracted by attractive color schemes. Unique photographs are also used to induce them to buy the product. This is why it is usually called a silent salesman.

What is the importance of packaging?

Product packaging Australia is very important. Here are the most common importances it serves.

  • Rising standards of health and sanitation. Standards of living kept on rising. It resulted in more use of packed goods. It also reduces the chances of adulteration.
  • Self-service outlets. Packaging occupied a place of silent salesmanship. This is especially at self-service outlets.
  • Innovational opportunity. There are different innovative packaging ideas. This increased the scope of marketing of several products.
  • Product differentiation. The packaging helps a lot when differentiating products. The color, size, material, and shape of the package help customers to gauge the quality of the product.
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