How a communication training can help you solve conflicts


Teamwork and professional collaboration can sometimes give rise to conflicting situations that reduce the overall effectiveness of employees and the performance of the company.

Managing conflict becomes in this context a vital element within the organization. A manager ill-prepared to manage conflict will often find himself overwhelmed by tensions and allow the situation to deteriorate, putting the good health of the work environment at risk.

Conflict management trainings will teach you how to adopt the correct posture in the face of conflict and how to use effective techniques to calm conflict situations. Find below all the training courses in conflict management offered by partner organizations.

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Why develop your skills in conflict management?

Conflicts are a real scourge within a company. Often unavoidable, however, it is possible to learn to anticipate, manage and defuse them quickly through simple techniques that can be developed during conflict management training.

When there are professional issues, it is common for disagreements to arise. The manager or the person in charge of human resources must know how to face it but is not always sufficiently armed for it.

To allow you to hold all the keys to promote harmonious communication, and so that you know how to manage conflicts, conflict management training is an effective tool for learning how to better manage these delicate professional situations.

When a group of people work together, conflict can be frequent. Disagreements can take different forms: different working methods, a lack of affinities between employees, major issues between employees … This becomes problematic when disagreements create conflicts that directly influence productivity and performance. work efficiency.

Fortunately, effective conflict management methods have been proven successful and are taught during conflict management trainings lasting a few days.

Training in conflict management is aimed at all professionals who have to manage conflict situations in their professional environment, either as a manager or as part of a collaboration. They provide a better understanding of existing conflicts, or those that are older but have never been resolved.

They will also help identify conflicts that are latent.

What does conflict management training look like?

Detailing conflict management techniques and various other communication tools, training in conflict management and resolution aims to ease existing tensions within the company and defuse conflicts as early as possible.

Led by competent professionals, training in conflict management makes it possible to identify the different types of personality, to improve communication, to promote listening and thus to be able to mitigate conflicts without taking part in them or occupying the function of judge.

Composed of complete modules each dealing with a specific theme, the objective of conflict management training courses is to help establish harmony within a company or a work group and to ease tensions.

They are therefore particularly useful for team leaders or directors. Training in conflict management is part of management training since it is one of the essential skills to be developed for all managers.

Some training will focus on learning communication tools geared towards conflict resolution. Let us cite for example the contribution of brief therapies and the 4R technique (reformulate, recontextualize, summarize and reinforce) or the DESC method (describe, express, specify, consequences).

These techniques are useful but must be handled with care by trained persons, at the risk of producing the opposite effect if they are used without following a precise methodology.

What skills can be developed through conflict management training?

The main objective of conflict management is to create a peaceful professional environment. Following a course in conflict management will allow better management of professional conflicts between the different actors of the company. As a manager, you need to be able to deal effectively with conflicting situations.

Conflict management refers in particular to structural conflicts generated by organizational issues that must be resolved in depth to avoid their repetition. In addition, conflicts can be avoided by detecting the warning signs.

Managers can therefore learn how to effectively prevent, reduce and resolve conflicts through training in conflict management.

The training in conflict management will teach you to detect and identify the different origins that conflicts can have. These can also be triggered by awkward change management or leadership gaps that training in these areas will resolve.

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