How does BPO work? 6 stages to successful outsourcing with Helpware


Outsourcing has become an effective strategy to a competitive advantage, saving costs, and meeting the key objectives. Many businesses have proven their success through outsourcing their business processes to a partner. Helpware is a leading business process outsourcing company, which provides services within customer experience, back-office support, marketing, and video and image annotation. With years of experience and strong expertise, Helpware has been able to implement and improve businesses’ performance while delivering or exceeding expectations. Each Helpware client goes through a six stages cooperation process that helps to leverage the most out of the outsourcing process.

#1: Onboarding

At this stage, a project management approach is taken in order to identify the key goals and objectives and build a dedicated team according to the needs and preferences of the client. Everything from roadmapping to recruiting, training, and further development are discussed with an assigned onboarding manager, who ensures efficient cooperation and launching of all the required processes.

#2: Sourcing

This stage involves sourcing and recruiting the candidates that will best fit your business needs. The HR managers select the field experts through thorough interviewing and testing and identify the best candidates to build your dedicated team.

#3: Training

Every employee undergoes a training process in order to be able to provide the required service in line with the highest standards. The training team at Helpware will help you to develop a training documentation plan that provides for the certification of the team of agents. Helpware uses a unique approach towards the training process and delivers tried-and-true methods that will significantly improve the key metrics and overall efficiency of your business.

#4: Production

After the completion of the training process, the dedicated team is ready to serve your business according to the set goals. A manager is assigned to control and evaluate all the work and ensure a flawless operations process and service delivery. Thereafter, all the work is measured against the set KPIs, where Helpware reassures the quality through either a feedback form from your customers or other effectiveness measurement tools.

#5: Continuous improvement

A CSM ascertains the satisfaction of your business with Helpware on a continuous basis through two-way communication and revision meetings. They provide all the required guidance and help with constant improvement, as well as management of the team and overall work.

#6: Growth

Helpware assures the continuous growth of your business. All the needed support and coverage is delivered if your business requires increasing efficiency, leveling up the production, enhancing the bottom line, or expanding further the dedicated team.

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