How To Clean Stains From Your Pool Tiles?


If you have a pool in your house, you already know how difficult it is to maintain, especially the cleaning part of the maintenance. And it becomes more vulgar when you have to clean all those pool tiles near the waterline. It doesn’t matter if you have a concrete tile or a glass tile, removing stains is crucial as it directly flashes on the eyes.   

Read on to know how to get rid of them at ease. 

Equipment For Cleaning Swimming Pool Tiles

Several pieces of equipment are necessary to clean a tiled swimming pool properly. First of all, the pool brush. It is the primary and simplest tool. Formed by a handle and a head which can have different shapes; it not allows a meticulous cleaning of the bottom of your basin but also the walls and the stairs. You will find several models. The simplest manual broom can effectively brush the bottom of the pool. If the cheapest equipment remains, the broom requires an investment of time. Furthermore, it is only suitable for small pools and small swimming pools.

On the cleaning side, there are then the pool vacuum cleaners. Suitable for larger pools, they have the advantage of working “on their own”.

When your pool tiles are old, and the dirt is well encrusted, you can use the high-pressure cleaner for deep cleaning. For this, it is imperative to empty your pool. Keep the lance at a reasonable distance so as not to damage the coating of the pool. It cleans all the areas at ease. However, you must only occasionally use this method to safeguard the upper layer and shine of your pool tiles.

Priority To The Maintenance Of Swimming Pool Tile Joints

The joints of your pool tiles must be the object of all your attention! Indeed, in contact with water, tartar, algae, and various water treatments (chlorine, salt …), the joints of your pool will deteriorate quickly. The most frequently encountered concern is their blackening. There are special brushes for cleaning pool joints. They are made up of metallic bristles that clean thoroughly without scratching the tiles. This operation must be carried out several times during the year, as soon as the first traces appear. On the product side, ask a pool specialist or a specialist to make the right choice.

How Often Should I Clean My Tiled Pool?

Thorough cleaning is essential once a year. Nevertheless, it is advisable to make regular maintenance every two or three months, in particular the waterline. Doing so will avoid the deposit of algae and limestone. In fact, if the tiles get dirty, it will be challenging to keep the water clean. Experts advise you to carry out cleaning at the end of the winters before you start to use your big basin.

Products For Swimming Pool Tile Maintenance

Soapy water remains the ideal solution for cleaning your tiled pool. The baking soda also works well. But be careful not to use a corrosive or aggressive product that could damage the walls and tiles of your pool. It is best to seek advice from a pool development expert so as not to make a mistake.

To ensure a long life for your pool and to enjoy swimming in the best conditions, regularly cleaning pool tiles is essential.

Finally, schedule your cleaning on weekends as it is a full-day task. You can ask your friends for help. If you don’t have a pool right now, then you’re here because you probably have a plan to own one. If this is true, choose the right tiles for your pool that are easy to clean and maintain. 

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