How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer


When looking for a divorce lawyer there are a number of things that one has to look for. There are many lawyers who are out for the money and are not really as invested in both the welfare of the children in the relationship and the well-being of the two parties who are in the process of being divorced. When one finds a lawyer who truly is concerned about an amicable settlement that best suits all the parties involved, they are worth their weight in gold.

First, one needs to find a divorce lawyer who is an expert in communicating the process step by step. Finding a lawyer who will speak directly to the partners, instead of a third-party proxy who may not sufficiently communicate the requirements and issues, can make the entire divorce process much easier.

Next, there is a need for the attorney to adequately describe what the proper strategies are for the separation, as well as the timetable and the budget that will be required to reach such a settlement. Having an attorney who runs “by the seat of their pants” can lead to unwanted surprises and more stress for everyone, which can lead to anger, resentment, and a poor outcome. Knowing ahead of time just how much (or around how much) the expected outcome will cost can put the clients’ minds at ease and allow them to more easily focus on what they’re trying to do regarding the actual divorce.

According to Family Law Attorneys at Conniff Law in Chicago, having a divorce attorney who is available can be a godsend for a client. Many attorneys who may not be as dedicated to their cases might make themselves less available, and it can lead to misunderstandings between the attorney and the client, either due to a change of strategy, a change in the living situation of the clients, or a change in the wants or needs of the partners.

Lastly, having a lawyer who is fully invested in their case also means having one who is not going to “jump the gun” on important matters without first explaining them in detail to all the parties who need to know them. Making sure that the partners have given their express permission to the attorney on those matters shows that there is a spirit of collaboration that would likely not be present in a lesser attorney.

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