How to Get the Best Return on Your Investment through Banners


You may think roller banners are a bit cheesy when it comes to advertising, and advertising gurus would surely steer you away from what they consider as an ineffective form of media advertising. But, hold on, are roller banners really that frowned upon by the corporate world? It seems as if there is a resurgence in this old school form of advertising because it’s an advertisement media that actually works and is proven to increase revenues.

Placement is critical

There is a whole science behind pull up banners and advertising. One prime area to locate the pull up banner is at the store entrance. Research shows that by placing a pull up banner at a store entrance, the banner produces two main effects. The first effect is that it slows down foot traffic simply by its physical stature and prospective shoppers slow down looking for special offers. It also helps shoppers to acclimatise to their new surroundings while choosing a shopping trolley or basket depending on the store.

Pull up banners are a perfect solution for micro advertising and merchandising products and special offers such as a buy one take one deal. However, there are more uses to pull up roller banners than in your local supermarket. You can see the importance of this marketing tool on every high street across the UK, with pull up banners used outside banks to promote low-interest home loans and exclusive car deals.

Achieving a return on investment in the retail sector

The applications are limitless when it comes to achieving a return on investment in the retail sector. But pull up banners have many other uses, and with a little thought the pull up banner can be a useful tool for security purposes, both placed indoors and outdoors at sporting events. The pull up banner can provide great information for crowd control focusing the fans’ attention on specific directions for their designated seating area when watching football games.

Corporate advertising and event information

If you need to host large meetings and corporate events outside of the office setting, then a pull up banner provides the ideal solution for you. Banners are budget-friendly, and more importantly, they are compact enough to fit into any vehicle with ease.

The placement of a well-designed banner outside of a function room can make a statement about the presence of a particular business in a hotel. This has direct and indirect benefits for the company and the hotel. Your invitees will know where to go, dispelling any confusion and anxiety about being in a strange environment. In a hotel setting, the hotel could also receive indirect benefits where guests can see the hotel as having the ability to host functions that may result in increased revenues.

The simple and cost-effective pull up banner can rise to any occasion and can often provide the best and ideal solution for advertising. With printing technology advancing at a fast pace, the designs of pull up banners can be simple or elaborate depending on the needs of the client.

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