How to pick the right washing machines at The Good Guys for domestic purposes?


As more and more technology is included in mankind’s’ daily life, one such important technology that made one’s life easier is washing machines. People are free from any hassle related to doing laundry. These washing machines at The Good Guys can wash any kind of clothes, from varying fabric to cloth weights.

Washing machines are considered one of the greatest inventions that changed women’s life back in the days. Clothes can be easily washed and also dries, and also these machines are comparatively smaller in size and are movable. They require less maintenance and can come in use for a very long time without any difficulties.

Types of washing machine

Now other than all these characteristics, these machines also come in various types that give buyers the freedom to choose based on their preference and convenience.

  • Automatic

Fully automatic have only one tub where both washing and drying happens without any manual intervention; that is why it is a bit expensive. But also have preset washing settings and are also power efficient.

  • Frontloading

Frontloading is a type of fully automatic washing machine that uses rotatory motion to washcloths and is said to give the cleanest result. They are also water and power-efficient, and because of these features, it is a bit expensive.

  • Top loading

Top loading like front loading is a variation in the fully automatic washing machine. The clothes are washed by moving in churning them. It does require more water but has a smaller washing cycle.

  • Semi-automatic

These washing machines at The Good Guys consist of two different tubs, one for washing and the other to dry clothes. A bit of manual work is required to shift clothes from one tub to another, but compared to fully automatic required less water.


Now because they are so many options, the buyer should focus on certain features before selecting a washing machine to take home. The features are mentioned below.

  1. Wash settings

The washing settings are used for washing clothes with different fabrics, such as a gentle wash setting for expensive and softer clothes. Some machines have buttons, rotary controls of the touchpad to select the washing settings.

  1. Tub and drum material

Tubs are made of porcelain enamel, plastic or stainless steel. The last one is the most durable, and it can also handle the high speed of spinning. Between plastic and enamel, plastic is better as enamel has the risk of getting chipped.

  1. Spin cycle

The spin cycle is related to the drying of clothes, which is measured in RPM, revolutions per minute, which is controlled according to the fabric of the clothes. Heavy clothes can be spun at a higher speed.

  1. Temp control

The automatic washing machine has the setting that heats the water that helps with better cleaning of clothes. Some of the machines also have a steam function, which also helps in cleaning stubborn stains.

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