How to Plan a Product Launch Events in 2019


Effective product launch is a main key of top performance, and product launch is often the expensive step in new product development. Although its importance, costs, risks and product launch have been comparatively under studied in product literature.

There are many failed products of famous companies such as Apple’s Newton Messagepad, Colgate Beef Lasagna dinner meal, Google glasses, Bic for her pen. These products failed because of poor product launch events, especially Colgate Beef Lasagna dinner meal and Bic for her pen.

If your company made new product than now it’s your responsibility to make sure, your colleagues, customers and remaining know about it. Therefore best way to release new product of your company is through a product launch event, for a successful product event you need a planning strategy.

Product launch events are very necessary for the existence of business, but it is very crucial to startups.

Target Audience for your product

First of All you need to know the target audience for your product. If you made a product for kids and you are focusing on adults than the impact will be a disaster for your product and event. Therefore, you should clear about your target audience, it will give you the business and marketing direction strategy for your product, facilitates more reliability in your messaging, your workshop and allows you to genuinely connect with your customers. You should have a clear picture in front of you

Now the next question is how you could target your audience:

Campaign about your product through Social Media

Innovation in technology helps a lot for successful product launch event. Approximately 90% of population have their own mobile and other related electronic technology, according to internet and technology pew research center. Now a day’s majority of people want to communicate online, Most of organizations and companies use social media for interaction with their customers.

Social media marketing is very powerful tool for success of every product launch event. You also need to focus on your goals in social media. The goal of your social media campaign shouldincrease the awareness and sale of your new product.

You need a social media team for your product campaign, you have to provide the iPad to your every social media team member. You could hire iPad from iPad rentalcompanies for short term of period.


Timing is the main key for your product launch when we talk about social media marketing. This will show you a clear picture of how much time you are working on the product social media campaign. If you are running out of time, it is possible to use some great ideas for your product launch event marketing.

But if you have a lot of time for social media marketing, you can really boost up your campaign to help you meet your goals in launch event.

You need to be active on most of social channels to get maximum results from social media marketing. Such as you could use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest and etc. you need different campaign strategies for every social channel.

If yoursocial media marketing budget is low then you don’t need to buy iPad for your social campaign, if your event is going to held in London, you could easily hire iPad from iPad hireLondon companies in a very cheap price. It will save your money and give you a fruitful reward which you expecting from your event.     

Product Experience       

You need to give your audience an experience about the product which they won’t forget, the event needs to be memorable. If the invitees have a chance to experience the product with themselves individually, than you will get results from your product launch event. You also need to choose the hand out information packs for new offers about your product, or give the discounts to people who purchase at the event.

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