How to ship a parcel properly?


One of the most common questions that customers have is how can they ship a parcel properly. This is irrespective of whether they ship to China or any other location. In any case, it is important that certain factors are taken into account to ensure that the packages are delivered not only in time but also safely.

Here are some of the major tips that must be taken into account:

Choose the right packaging

The first step is to choose the right packaging. The parcels must be shipped in right package. You can choose cardboard boxes for this purpose. A thick cardboard box must be chosen. Bubble wraps are also used as an additional layer of security. A lot of people also consider sending parcels in suit cases. However, this will add more weight and thus, more cost to the packaging of the parcel.

Wrap it

As soon as you choose a box package, you should wrap the contents of the parcel. Bubble wrap, as mentioned above, can be used. There are other items as well such as packing peanuts and polystyrene that can be utilized for this purpose. Any other fabric or material can be used as well. Something which works as a cushion. Make sure that you do not use newspaper, since, it will not work. If you do not have sufficient wrapping and packaging, the items can easily get damaged.

Tape it properly

The next step is to tape it properly. A lot of people do not tape it and thus, the items get damaged. The item must first be sealed and secured. Then you can seal the box with proper tape. You can use a durable tape. An ordinary tape will not be sufficient. It will open up. Nylon or vinyl tapes can be used for this purpose.

Attach the labels

Once the packaging is ready, you should attach the labels properly. The shipper will normally provide you guidelines as to how the labels can be attached. The label should be secured so that the details are completely visible. The labels must be placed inside the plastic wallets or the polypockets. Therafter, the label should also be secured with the tape. This is so that the label doesn’t fall out during the transit.

Consult a professional

The easiest way, although it may cost you, is to consult a professional. Professionals can help you in this regard. They will provide you with the guidelines and instructions on how to package the parcels. Moreover, they will do it for you, at a nominal cost. It is a full proof method to ensure that the parcels are delivered safely.

The bottom line

Above are some of the ways in which you can ensure that the parcels are shipped properly. However, it is good to leave this to the shipper. The shipper will take care of each and every aspect and make sure that the parcel reaches the destination.

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