Looking For A New Incubator? Find Out What Bird Species Are Best To Hatch!


If you are interested to try hatching different types of eggs and raising your own birds as a hobby but you do not know which to pick, then you have come to the right place. Australian chicken supplies sell the best incubators in the market. If you already got one, or if your order is on the way, then it is time to decide what bird species are best for a beginner. There are different bird species that you can hatch, and here is the list of the most common ones with the pros of incubating them.


Chickens are good producers of egg and meat and their eggs are highly available. It is not difficult to find someone or somewhere where you can buy chicken eggs. Also, they are very easy to hatch and take care of. In fact, they are considered as the easiest type of birds to incubate, even for a beginner. Once you are incubating, it is also not difficult for them to hatch. They are lightweight and small so they are easy to transport and ship.


If you want quieter and more peaceful types of birds, ducks are your best option. Once they mature, they can resist temperature and sudden weather changes because of their layer of oily and waterproof outer feathers. Ducks are also able to forage for their own food which can decrease feeding costs and also rid any area with unwanted pets and other aquatic plants. Ducks are virtually appealing birds whether as a chick or an adult.


Quail eggs need very little space, especially in their first few days. The good thing about raising quails is that you can easily get them in bulk. If you incubate them, you can fit many in an incubator. They also require less attention, feed, and not much veterinary care. Quail also mature more quickly and they are considered as one of the most valuable birds to sell. They are best for beginners because they have a low mortality rate because they are more resilient to diseases.


Turkeys are excellent for meat. In fact, they produce more meat per pound of feed compared to other poultry birds. Turkeys also have a traditional value and they are served during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. They are also easier to keep alive during the first 72 hours compared to other birds. Since they have larger eggs, they will require specialty bought turkey egg trays. You have to think twice about entering this venture because turkey eggs are more difficult to find.

Tips In Hatching Eggs

All of these bird types are hatched and raised in a very similar way. The incubation process and the temperatures are similar between different species as well as the brooder specification. This is why it makes it easier to attempt incubating, hatching and growing different bird types even if you are a beginner.

Once you are decided on what species to incubate, what you have to decide next is the type of breed you would want to get. For example, if you want to incubate chickens, the most popular choices are broilers and Brahma. You should also use the same process when incubating different bird species.

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