Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue


Choosing a venue for your wedding and reception takes lots of research, time and effort. You need to make sure that the location has enough space for all your guests and fits your budget. Appearance matters, too. You don’t want to get married or have your reception in a place you think is ugly. If you’re stuck and can’t think of a place for your celebration, consider these options for your wedding day.

Church Hall

If you are getting married in a church, the easiest reception venue is that church’s hall or gathering space. They are usually connected, so you and your guests could go right from the ceremony to the party. Many of them look nice, but you probably will need to bring your own linens, tableware and decorations. You also will need to hire a catering company separately. Even if you are not getting married in a religious setting, a local church hall may be more financially feasible for you than other venues.

Country Club

There is a reason that country clubs are the stereotypical choice for a reception. They tend to have lovely halls and dining rooms and frequently come with in-house catering, so you have one less thing to worry about. The club management ensures that the golf course outside looks beautiful as well. This option provides plenty of spots for photography and simplifies how many services you’ll have to order. If you want an elegant wedding and reception, this option will work well for you.

Historic Buildings

Many historic buildings such as mansions from colonial times allow people to rent their spaces for weddings and receptions. If you and your significant other are history buffs, this could be a fun way to let your mutual interest shape your plans. You also might choose venues such as these because of their beauty. These structures generally have exteriors that are made for photoshoots and fun rooms inside. With this option, you will probably have to hire a catering company. You also will have to keep in mind any specific regulations for the preservation of the building. For example, certain rooms may be off-limits, and the management may require that you use certain tables that will not scratch the floor.

No matter which venue you decide on for your wedding, make sure that you like how it looks and that you can make it yours. Do not let huge lists of requirements keep you from enjoying your wedding.

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