Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Voice Services To Cloud Now – READ HERE


Cloud computing is an increasingly growing solution for data storage and collaboration related problems. The “cloud” itself is simply a virtualization of properties, all operating in tandem to allow access to on-demand information, such as data storage, software, servers, and networks.

For organizations to thrive, a reliable and scalable communications plan is essential. The specific thing they have in common from a start-up and scale-up to a larger company is the need to scale up or down their communications infrastructure as quickly as possible. With conventional voice systems on-site, this can be more difficult to achieve, with higher costs of setup and equipment, on-site hardware required, and reliance on carriers and IT support. In a versatile, automated, and cost-effective way, cloud-based voice solutions, such as Access4, enable businesses of all sizes to manage their communications services.

Flexibility to change with your business

When your company expands, so does your method of communication. New workers, new offices, or the implementation of flexible job practices need an agile cloud solution that can go up or down when needed seamlessly. Telephony systems that are cloud-based ensure that companies have the infrastructure they need, precisely when they need it. IP technology facilitates remote programming of cloud-based platforms, rather than making technicians visit the site to install hardware.

Enhance the versatility and expertise of workers

Today’s workplaces are more and more mobile, working from various locations and always on the go. Modern Cloud Voice systems, such as instant messaging, collaboration tools, conference calling, and call handling, to name a few, should have unified communication functionality to support this. Teams can now see if their colleagues are online or where they work via real-time status alerts via unified collaboration features, communicate via instant messaging without relying on 3rd party apps, and confer with various departments and customers seamlessly.

Choose from different hardware or software apps to suit your business needs.

Telephony systems are based on the cloud-enable your team to work from anywhere or in ways that best serve your business needs. The days of desk phones that are needed for each work station in your organization are gone.

  • Instead, organizations can select from various feature-rich IP desk phones, free VoIP apps, or softphone customers packed with fashionable headset choices.

Improve reliability & safety while lowering costs

Cloud-based telephony systems run in highly secure environments, ensuring that downtime is reduced, enabling companies to remain open to their customers’ lines of communication. One apparent monthly rate of services, continuing firmware upgrades, the organization’s profitability improvement.

Improving the experience of your customers

Cloud-based applications have a variety of great features, including virtual receptionists, auto attendants, and self-service, to maximize your customers’ experience. It helps you directly connect clients to the department or person they need without going through an operator. To make a lasting impression, the content can be tailored to your business.

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