Tips for New Drivers to Care for their Cars


Driving a car will never cease to be an exciting and thrilling act, as it has always been so since automobiles made its way in urban life. Every kid looks forward to drive his own car, and some so practice it on toy cars, when they are toddlers. The excitement manifolds when a kid grows to his teen years and somehow manages to snatch a car key for the first time. Till here, it was all smiles, but right here, we are in search of a pause button. People who are new to driving even after finishing a driving course, needs to hold on their excitement for some time, get accustomed to the car controls, the traffic rules and finally bond with the car and learn how to make it listen to them.

Things take few different turns, if the new drivers are also new car owners. For them, the expert team serving the Smithfield Chevrolet dealer service center shared some useful tips, and here they go:

  • The new car owner who has just started driving must follow a vehicle maintenance plan which should be preventative.
  • Take the car for a thorough inspection whenever they experience a problem.
  • Take all the necessary actions to rectify the problem to help avoid all the inconvenience and the probable safety hazards especially of a vehicle break down while being far away from home.

Regular Maintenance Tips:

As a new car driver or owner, you need to follow certain maintenance tasks that will help enhance your bond with the vehicle while your vehicle too gets to freshen up with the required attention:

Start with checking up all car fluids, like engine oil, brake and transmission, power steering, windshield washer solvent as well as the antifreeze or coolant.

Then turn towards the hoses and belts one by one to make sure that they have not cracked up, gone brittle, become frayed, loosened up from their anchors or showing any symptom of excessive wear.

Then comes the time to check the battery especially if you are going to take it out. If possible or necessary, it will always be good to clean up the battery surface before it gathers too much sediment, dust and debris.

Do not forget to check out the braking system. Even though it falls under the annual maintenance schedule, never step out with your car without testing the brake response, right at the parking lot.

It will be still better to inspect the car exhaust system at least once in a month for any leakage, damage or broken parts. Do get it checked by a professional if you hear any unusual noise. The exhaust leaks can get dangerous and must needs to be repaired immediately.

Among the annual inspection schedule, take more care about the response of the steering and suspension system, the shock absorbers, ball joints, struts and chassis parts and every other related component.

The same team of experts at the Chevrolet dealer near Smithfield concluded with a thumb rule of never to take your car out of the shade without checking the tires, for the pressure and tread, while they should compulsorily check out the traffic rules of the area where they are going to drive next.

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