What Are The Basic Types of Juicing Machines

Juicy citrus in deep sun and light

Juicing machines are popular today. A lot of people incorporate juicing habit in their lifestyle as a way of living a healthy life. There are three fundamental types of juicing machine and they are the following:


This juicing machine is known for its high speed motor. It makes juicing pretty fast and easy. Of all the extractor varieties, the centrifugal is the quickest. If you are always on the go and has little time preparing your juice, the centrifugal juicing machine is the best option.


Unlike the centrifugal juicer, the masticating extractor runs at a slow speed. It has a single gear extractor, which is perfect for gradual extraction of juice. It reduces the exposure to the heat of the vegetables and fruits. In other words, it preserves the enzymes and antioxidants of the food. The end result is a juice jam-packed with essential nutrients.


If all types of juicers, the triturating is probably the best. It comes with two gears. If you put the vegetables and fruits in it, you are guaranteed that you will get up to the last drop. In other words, two gears are more effective than the single gear juicers. If you want to get the most of juicing, then you should use the triturating juice extractor. It is perfect for juicing even the thinnest vegetables such as the wheat grass. However, if you are on a tight budget you will have a second thought buying the triturating juicer because it is a bit costly. Many people don’t mind paying that much as long as they are satisfied with the performance of the juicer.

Conduct a thorough research prior to purchasing a juicing machine. Choose the one that does not only suit your budget but also suit your juicing needs.

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