Why 3D Laser Scanning Is the Technology of Today for Surveyors


Surveying is a very old profession, but it is a very important one. Gathering topographical data is essential when planning buildings, for example. Being able to provide accurate measurements to architects and engineers is essential to their success. This is why surveyors have always had an important job. The job has changed, though, and new technology provides for much greater accuracy.

Why Go with 3D?

We have likely all come across surveyors from years ago with tripods and visual equipment. The biggest revolution in this industry has been the development and introduction of 3D digital imaging technology. Whether you need to determine where underground piping is or you need to accurately measure an existing building so that you can modify it, expert 3D laser scanning in Leeds can certainly help out.

This kind of technology offers the following benefits:

  • The unparalleled speed of digital imaging so that there are minimal delays,
  • The accuracy of laser measurements.

A Revolution That Has Changed the Face of the Industry

No longer does a client need to wait for a surveyor when they have such digital technology at their disposal. Far from the walking that ancient surveyors had to do to gain reasonably accurate measurements and topographical information for mapping, today’s modern surveyors have laser and 3D imaging technology that is incredibly accurate and works at a distance. From topographical mapping to surface deformation, 3D surveying has changed the way the industry works.



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