Why You Need an Entertainment Lawyer


If you work in the entertainment industry, finding a good lawyer should be one of your top priorities. An entertainment lawyer can help you navigate the complex world of media law and make sure that you are protected against threats to your intellectual property. Here are some facts about the benefits of hiring an entertainment lawyer.

Defending Your Interests

An entertainment lawyer will protect your interests. Whether you are a writer, producer, actor or actress, musician, choreographer, game developer, director or media personality, you will need counsel when it comes to matters related to your work and career. This can include negotiating contracts, filling out paperwork, managing your taxes, defending you against litigation and representing you in matters of intellectual property.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Entertainment lawyers like John Branca know that protecting your intellectual property or IP is key when you work in the entertainment industry. Your IP is ideas created by you. This could include product designs, graphic designs, books, music, films, TV shows, video and computer games, internet content and artwork. Working with an entertainment lawyer can help ensure that your IP is not stolen or misused by someone else.

Filing for Copyright, Trademark or Patent

An important part of defending intellectual property is filing for copyright, trademark or patent. This will depend upon the type of intellectual property you have produced. Copyright covers written works, while trademarks generally consist of the types of logos and designs that are part of product and company branding. A patent is a license that protects a product design or invention. An entertainment attorney can help you fill out the correct paperwork and meet any necessary deadlines for filing.

As a media creator, it is best to be represented by a good attorney who can guide you through the complex world of entertainment law. With these simple facts, you will be better equipped to find the entertainment attorney who is right for you.

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