Why You Should Only Trust Experts To Repair Your Mercedes Air Conditioning


Owning a Mercedes is as much a style statement as it is a responsibility. You need to keep track of the many features that need constant monitoring and upgrades from time to time to keep your Mercedes functioning at an optimum level. Especially if you are in an area where the weather can remain unreliable and you need your car’s cooling system constantly functioning to beat the merciless heat, you need to take care of the air conditioning system more frequently. When it comes to Mercedes luxury models, the reason why it is a high-grade car is that experts have invested hours of work in creating high tech systems within the framework to make it so. Respect these features by only trusting expert services such as GMW Perth to help you with the recharge and repair of the air conditioning systems of your Mercedes luxury cars.

Always make sure to schedule yearly monitoring of your car air conditioning system before the heat really hits your area. When you start facing the sweltering heat if your car’s ac conditioning is still wheezing it will have to work double-time to make the effort to fight against the heat outside to keep the car as cool as needed. Instead, have the car air-conditioning checked for Freon recharge and any tinkering needed to be done to ensure that the cooling system is ready to take on the heat even before the season has had a chance to start acting up.

Amateurs can do real damage if tinkering with car air conditioning

While for a luxury car almost all features should be handled with proper reverence and only professionals should be allowed to handle them, the air conditioning system is possibly the most dangerous of the features. Any attempts by amateurs to learn while tampering with the system can not only hamper your car, it can actually be dangerous to your own health. The refrigerant which is used in the luxury car air conditioning service is called Freon. This is a colorless gas used in its invisible vapor form within the ac systems. Breathing this vapour can be toxic and can irritate your eyes and throat while causing dizziness, nausea and even loss of consciousness which can lead to fatalistic conditions if you are left in the situation in an unventilated area.

Experts know what not to do

When you bring your Mercedes to an expert car maintenance service they will be using professional tools and gauges to assess the situation of your air conditioning system and then chalk out a strategic solution to have your Mercedes AC functioning in top shape again. However, many DIY professionals often use a very controversial Torch method to check for Freon leakage in their Mercedes. The method includes literally holding a lit torch against the hood to see if there is leakage. The method can turn the Freon into Phosgene which is a poisonous gas and can cause respiratory damages if exposed for a long period.

Instead, save your time and your car’s quality by option for the smart solution. Look for high-quality experts who not only know their job but can make sure it is done in less time, without the risk of any damages to your precious car.

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