Would it be Advisable for you to Rent an Apartment or Villa in Abu Dhabi?


While Abu Dhabi brags about different types of residential properties, the apartments and villas in the city keep on being the most popular with inhabitants. With these properties accessible in different styles, locations and budgets, residents can confront a situation while renting an apartment or villa in Abu Dhabi. In case you’re deciding between living in a cheap apartments in Abu Dhabi versus villa in Abu Dhabi, we’ve rounded up the absolute most significant factors to consider before you settle on a decision.


Before you settle on a sleek rental apartment in Abu Dhabi a roomy villa in Arabian Ranches, investigate the absolute most significant factors that will impact your decision.


Your budget is the most vital factor in the decision on renting apartments versus villas in Abu Dhabi. In general, villas will in general command a higher rental price than apartments in Abu Dhabi. For instance, a 3-bedroom apartment for rent in Abu Dhabi starts from AED 75k, according to current postings, while a 3-bedroom rental villa in Mirdif has a starting price of AED 89k.

Notwithstanding, remember this can vary contingent upon the apartment tower or villa community. More budget-conscious inhabitants can discover affordable villa communities in Abu Dhabi.

Therefore, one of the primary things to decide when making a decision between villas or apartments in Abu Dhabi, is the amount you are happy to spend on your annual rent.


With regards to deciding between an apartment or villa, it’s not simply the annual rent that you need to pay. You likewise need to consider the extra apartment or villa costs in Abu Dhabi, which can significantly vary.

The expense of keeping up a villa in Abu Dhabi is commonly higher than that of an apartment. Since villas typically involve a greater space, you are bound to spend a higher amount on outfitting the property, than you would for an apartment. You will likewise likely bring about higher expenses for cleaning services as most villas in Abu Dhabi accompany a patio and many boast a private pool. Most residents of villa properties employ a nursery worker notwithstanding the house help to keep up their lawn.

Likewise remember that your DEWA or service bills will likewise be higher for villas, particularly throughout the mid year season, when the terrace requires a lot of water. Villas may likewise cause higher charges for many services; for instance, the security deposit to set up the DEWA association for a villa is AED 4,000, while the same for an apartment is AED 2,000.

While ascertaining your budget, try to take these shrouded expenses and costs into consideration, so you can settle on a completely informed decision on renting an apartment or villa in Abu Dhabi.


On the off chance that you are bantering between a ‘villa or apartment in Abu Dhabi – which is better in Abu Dhabi, it’s critical to remember your way of life. While considering these two property types, you’ll have to choose whether your need is protection or comfort. Apartment towers are typically more halfway located and closer to recreation and commercial center points.

Then again, villas are located in fundamentally residential areas or gated communities where pleasantries and diversion might be located farther away. These villas for rent in Abu Dhabi might be perfect for families, with a tranquil domain to raise the children. Be that as it may, a solitary expert hoping to live near their work environment or a couple needing to be close to cafés, bars and diversion alternatives will incline toward the comfort of apartment living.

On the off chance that you would incline toward a private open air space, a villa or condo would be the correct decision for you. Nonetheless, outgoing people may favor apartment edifices, which offer residents more chances to associate with their neighbors!

Popular villa communities such as Arabian Ranches or The Springs likewise house schools and nurseries, making them a decent decision for families. Nonetheless, budget-conscious inhabitants can likewise decide on apartments in integrated communities such as Abu Dhabi Sports City or Abu Dhabi Silicon Oasis, which feature both property types and furthermore have schools in the area.

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