2021 Hyundai Kona or Tucson: Which one to Purchase?


Hyundai is known for manufacturing several excellent vehicles over a long period of time. Recently, the question which everyone wants the answer to is which car one should buy, the 2021 Kona or Tucson. To be fair, both are quite remarkable vehicle in their own way, which is why you should know about both these cars in detail to determine which is more suitable to your need before visiting El Monte Hyundai dealer.

So, let’s start with Kona 2021 and then move onto Tucson 2021 model!

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Kona 2021

Bold and cheeky design easily turns people’s head and is the reason it won several awards. Apart from the base four-cylinder engine, this vehicle can be also equipped with a turbocharged engine which is what most consumers choose. The base engine offers 147-hp while the turbocharged option gets one 175-hp. Also, these engines are equipped with automatic 6-speed and dual clutch auto 7-speed respectively.

Moreover, it offers mileage of 28 mpg (city) and 32 mpg (highway), which is quite excellent. Smooth functioning of gear changes along with quick acceleration, responsive overall system, makes Kona 2021 one of the most exciting cars to drive in this segment.

Interior is designed in a way that it matches the bold exterior look of this vehicle. The designers have ensured that the interior is spacious as well as comfortable for long or short rides. Ergonomic seating aspects, quality materials for creating the interior, and more makes buyers feel like they have one of the best vehicles that people can own.

Also, numerous features related to infotainment and driver assistance is standard for all models. However, if you are looking to gather more details about these, then it is better to consult Hyundai dealer El Monte.

The price of Kona starts from $20,500; however, opt for the Limited ($27,500) or Ultimate ($29,350) trims.

Tucson 2021

Now that you are aware of Kona 2021’s details, it is better to go through specs of Tucson 2021 also. It is a vehicle that comes with an upscale styling, smooth ride, and straightforward interior layout. This is an overlooked and underrated compact SUV that should get more attention.

It is equipped with 2L or 2.4L engine, which spits out 164-hp and 181-hp respectively. Smooth and responsive performance is how users of this vehicle describe it. To many, this is one of the best vehicles that should be used for regular commuting.

Balanced handling along with swift driving experience is what you can expect from this car and is the reason crossover enthusiasts find Tucson 2021 appealing. Also, it provides mileage of 23 mpg (city) and 28 mpg (highway).

Dapper cabin, ample space for passengers and driver, enough trunk space, and more designed European style ensures that it is one of the best subcompact SUV you can buy. Price of this remarkable vehicle starts from $24,900 but it is better to purchase the Limited ($30,600) or Ultimate ($33,250) models.

You now know details about both these vehicles. Choose the one which will fulfill your need as both Kona and Tucson 2021 are excellent vehicles to buy!

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