A Brief History of Nannies


Nannies have long been a part of many cultures, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the idea is still popular today. If you want the “way back” wide view of things, some form of nannies have been a part of culture as far back as Ancient Greeks although the actual word itself became popular and mainstream in the late 1700s. Having additional help, almost always a woman, whose main task was to help with the kids was a very upper and even middle-class thing and made a lot of sense for larger families.

An Idea That Stuck

There are many reasons that nannies are still so popular in modern times. Many households have two higher earners as parents who both have high income but high-stress careers, and they want to make sure there is caring adult supervision for the kids for the times that they aren’t going to be able to be there. In addition to this, modern life is stressful and there are nannies who are full-time as well as nannies who take care of some basic housekeeping and child watching for just a few hours a day each day.

For many middle class or upper-middle-class parents, just having someone to cover that 3 pm to 6 pm slot each weekday can make a huge difference, and having a highly qualified nanny to take care of the children also gives important reassurance that they will be safe. There are also nannies who specialize in important tasks like caring for special needs children and being able to support and foster them in even the most challenging of environments.

For many nannies, this is a dream job and has them doing what they love most while they get to feel great for making a positive difference in the children’s lives.

Cultural Influences in Miami

When looking at nannies in Miami and their history in the city, it should come as no surprise that many of the ethnic and cultural groups that make up the diverse blend of people in Miami. Many cultures have a long history of either having nannies or individuals outside the family help with childcare or of being very close as a family unit and being used to having many family members chip in with the raising of the children.

These influences make the idea of nannies in Miami a natural one, especially for new families who may not have their entire family in the city of the same level of support they were used to as children growing up. This creates a natural demand for nannies from people very comfortable with the idea of trained caring professionals taking care of their children. The most important thing, after all, is making sure that the children are always under adult supervision and care from someone who genuinely cares about their well-being.

In fact, nanny services aren’t just for the young. There are several nanny services in Miami for elder grandparents or elder family members who may need support or to be watched because of mental deterioration. There’s no question that nannies have certainly earned their place as a part of Miami culture both in the past and moving forward to the future!

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