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The world of competitive swimming has been growing by leaps and bounds these days, and the number of local clubs supporting the sport is astonishing, especially in the developed countries. This has caused giant strides in the quality and technique of the swimmers, and hence the timings of competitive swimming events have been bettered rapidly. But a form of standardization of timing, which is universally acceptable, has been a recurrent problem. This causes the results to be doubted by the International community, and creates negativity in the minds of the competitors themselves. Standard FINA approved Timing equipment does exist, but they are extremely expensive and prohibitively priced. Normal swimming clubs find acquiring such Timing equipment right beyond their means. But now an Australian company has turned things topsy turvy, by creating an approved Timing System that is fast, reliable, accurate and surprisingly pocket-friendly to acquire and run. The product, called wylas timing, provides a Technology Service that is second to none.

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The Features of this remarkable piece of equipment and its software may be summarized as follows:

  • This is a Wireless Pool Deck Automation device.
  • It complies with all FINA and US Swimming standards.
  • Wireless Timing, who has developed this unique application, has its Head Quarters in Brisbane , Australia.
  • But they are now receiving excited invitations to display their latest invention from all progressive swimming nations in the civilized world.
  • William Ferguson is the Founder and CEO of this pioneering research-based company, established in the year 2015.
  • At the same time, this is extremely affordable, as witnessed by the rapid spread of the device to ordinary swimming clubs with a decent Olympic-sized swimming pool, and the aspiration to create Champion Swimmers.
  • The category is Athletics and Swimming, Team and Event Management.
  • While the Sports Tag is Swimming, other Tags are AMS (Athlete Management System), Grassroots/Youth, and Sports Officiating Technology.
  • The company is presently associated with the Australian National and Regional State Swimming Associations, which leads to the continuous refinement and upgrading of the product.
  • This affordable timing system for competitive swimming has for the first time brought Automated Timing within reach of 70% of the swimming clubs.

The Future Outlook

The Future looks bright for Wireless Timing and its Master offering, Wylas Timing. They have a vertical roadmap in development for their Technology Service product. They aspire to completely change Pool Deck Management’s face, including Meet Management and Results Distribution. Some of the truly renowned clientele so far include the following. For more information on their cutting-edge solutions, visit their website at https://sports-top-picks.com/.

  • Andrews.
  • Peregian, Australia..
  • Sydney, Australia.
  • Knox Grammar.
  • Kuwait Elite Swim Team.
  • Swim Dolphia, Singapore.
  • UNAMI, Brazil.

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