Seeking Advice From An Emergency Vet On Feeding Habits Of Kittens


Your loved ones decided to gift you an early Christmas present. You open the box and the cutest pair of eyes stares back at you. It’s a cute kitten. Now that you have finally got your very own fluff ball, then you need to take proper care of it.

Begin with the Right Diet

Kittens cannot be fed adult food, since they will not be able to digest and later on lead to health complications. You need to feed your kitten a diet specially designed for kittens. Consider visiting for more expert guidance on cat nutrition and dietary choices.

First and foremost, you need to know how old your kitten is. You might come across many dietary foods suitable for different ages for kittens at your local pet store. Ensure that you go through such labels and choose the best for your kitten.

If you are unsure on what diet would work for your kitten, then you can consult your vet for an advice. Your vet will examine the kitten and based on its age and weight might recommend the right diet for it.

Foods that can contribute for the Kitten’s Growth

Kittens need food rich in fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. These can be found in many of the formulated kitten food. In addition to this, ensure that your kitten gets plenty of water.

Another question that many kitten owners ask is whether their kittens should be given dry or wet food. The answer is both. Canned foods are a bet option if your kitten is very small. Kittens have small teeth and it can be difficult for them to chew on dry foods.

Some of the foods that kittens can be introduced to include:

  • Fresh raw or lean meat
  • Boiled chicken or fish
  • Raw bones for kittens between four to six months
  • Green leafy vegetables minced nicely

Kittens need to be fed three times daily. Ensure that your kitten does not tend to overeat. This can cause obesity which is not good for your kitten.

Regular exercise with Diet

Kittens are generally active, playing around with a yarn of wool or chasing butterflies or balls. Purchase a food puzzle where your kitten needs to roll the puzzle to get to its food.

Similarly ensure that you changing the feeding place, so that your kitten can home in onto its hunting skills. If you feel that you kitten is not eating or is not active, you might need to take it to an Apex emergency vet.


Watch your kitten grow into a healthy adult cat with a healthy diet and exercise. You might need to change your pet’s diet habits gradually once it crosses a certain age. Visit for more information about healthy dog diet and exercise.

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