Tips For Choosing A Suitable Dog Boarding Kennel


Leaving your pet or dog behind is like leaving your child in the care of a baby sitter. Hence, there is no doubt that you want everything to be perfect in the dog boarding kennel that you are choosing for your little darling. But often, there are doubts at the back of the mind and hence it is best that you keep these tips in mind before leaving your pet at one of these kennels-

The first thing that you should do here is check their credibility and reputation. Ask around, if any of your friends or family members have left their pets at one of these kennels. If yes, were they happy with the service provided or were their pets unhappy on the return. This is crucial because you don’t want to really leave your loving pet at a kennel where they are not loved and treated well. The second thing to keep in mind is what kind of facilities the dog boarding kennel is offering you. Most of these kennels have an activity area, outdoor area, sleeping area and other similar zones so that your pet is able to move around with ease rather than just being restricted to a crate or an enclosure all day through. Particularly, choose a kennel that offers a blend of both outdoor and indoor space so that you are sorted during the rainy seasons.

Also, you must note or consider the special needs (medical or otherwise) that your pet has before opting for a dog boarding kennel. There are some kennels that are not really that personalized and don’t have benefits for dogs with special needs. If your dog is shy, doesn’t interact with other animals that much or has special needs, then you must let the kennel manager know about it. Ask if they can accommodate the same or not, else there is no point leaving your pet there. Beyond this, you should also keep a tab if they allow or provide your pet with a separate room or enclosure. Are their favorite toys allowed in the area and other dogs kept out?

You must also take into account their food needs. If your pet loves a particular brand of food, then will the dog boarding kennel provide the same? Also, what kind of fresh meals are cooked for your little one, especially if the journey is a long one, you don’t want them to miss out on their favourite foods. Most kennels have special options to make customized diets for your dogs. Find tips for senior pet care on, including advice on managing food-related health issues.

Along with these, it is vital and crucial to check on the safety aspects of boarding kennels. Remember that your pets are very sensitive and may require medical care. So is a doctor available 24×7 or at least accessible if a medical emergency arises? Do they clean and swipe the area well enough so that your pet is in a hygienic environment where the chances of falling sick or ill are minimal. Also is the enclosure safe enough so that your dog doesn’t venture out or head somewhere new. Along with this, the dog boarding kennel should also ensure that it is safe from other animals and there are no attacks on your dog or squabbles with other dogs. Think of options that offer video connectivity so that you can check on your darling while away.

Keep in mind these points while looking for a suitable dog kennel. You must ensure that they are in a safe and happy zone when you are away. If you are careless about choosing a proper dog boarding kennel, it might leave your pet sick. Visit for more information about how you can keep your pet safe from the kennel.

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