Get Ready for the Perfect Movie Night with Movies Now on Airtel DTH


In the ever-buzzing world of work and chores, the prospect of a movie night is indeed a refreshing breath of fresh air. And what better way to have an enthralling cinema experience than tuning into Movies Now via your Airtel DTH connection? Whether it is to catch the latest blockbuster or to revel in a classic, Movies Now in Airtel DTH is your gateway to a perfect movie night. Let’s delve deeper and discover how to curate an unbeatable movie night with Movies Now and perhaps, also keep tabs on the world through Aaj Tak. Let the reel roll!

Setting the Stage: Your Guide to Movies Now on Airtel DTH

For the uninitiated, setting up a movie night can be a daunting task. However, with the right information and tips at your disposal, it can be as breezy as a walk in the park.

Movies Now in Airtel DTH: Your Cinema House

Finding the Right Channel

Before the popcorn is popped and the curtains are drawn, the first order of business is to locate Movies Now in Airtel DTH. The channel boasts a rich collection of movies spanning various genres, promising a movie night replete with emotions, drama, and pure entertainment.

To begin your cinematic journey, head to the ‘Guide’ option on your Airtel DTH remote and find the Movies Now channel from the exhaustive list of channels available. Once located, make a note of the channel number for easy access in the future.

Curating Your Movie Playlist

Movies Now offers an expansive range of movies to choose from. Be it a rib-tickling comedy or a soul-stirring drama, the channel houses it all. Make it a point to check the schedule for the day and create a playlist of the movies that catch your fancy, setting reminders for the same to ensure a seamless movie-watching experience.

Adding a News Break: Aaj Tak on Airtel DTH

Amidst the thrilling movie marathon, taking a brief pause to catch up on the latest happenings around the world can be a refreshing interlude. This is where Aaj Tak comes into play.

Aaj Tak Airtel Channel Number

Stay Updated

For those who like to stay abreast with the latest news, Aaj Tak serves as the perfect platform, offering round-the-clock updates from India and around the world. To tune in, simply navigate to the ‘Guide’ option and enter the Aaj Tak Airtel channel number which is 316. Once you are tuned in, a world of comprehensive news coverage awaits to keep you informed and updated.

Balance Entertainment with Information

By interspersing your movie night with brief news breaks, you not only stay updated but also add a balanced flavour to your entertainment spree, enriching your movie night experience further.

The Finer Details: Enhancing Your Movie Night Experience

With the channels set and your playlist ready, focus on enhancing your movie night by paying attention to the finer details. Create a cosy viewing space with comfortable seating, ensure good sound quality, and have your favourite snacks at hand to elevate your movie night to a grand cinematic experience at home.


As we reel back the curtains and the lights come on, we trust you are well-prepared to host the perfect movie night with Movies Now in Airtel DTH. From selecting the best of movies to taking short informative breaks with Aaj Tak, you are all set for a movie night that promises not just entertainment, but also a slice of the real world through the lens of news.

So, grab your remote, tune into Movies Now and Aaj Tak using the Airtel DTH service, and transform your living room into a mini cinema hall that offers the best of both worlds — cinematic extravaganzas and real-world updates. Let the movies begin and may your night be a perfect blend of fiction and reality, brought to you by Airtel DTH. Happy viewing!

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