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Legal translation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates refers to a translation in writing, which is legally acceptable in courts, ministries, embassies, consulates and government departments. The aspect that qualifies a written translation to be a legal translation in the United Arab Emirates is that it has to be translated by a translator licensed from the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates. In other words, legal translation is a translation that has been made by a translator who is approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates. As such it will be accepted in courts, ministries, and government departments of the United Arab Emirates. But for Embassies and Consulates of other Countries in the United Arab Emirates a translation made by a legal translator needs to be attested from the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates and then attested by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Co-operation is regarded as a legal translation.

Who are considered as legal translators in Dubai, UAE?

Translators who apply and then pass the examination held by the Ministry of Justice of UAE are authorized and they are awarded a certificate with a unique identification number for their license. These translators are regarded as legal translators after they receive the license and stamp from the Ministry of Justice of the United Arab Emirates.

The translator must be either employed officially according to the labor laws of UAE with any translation company or he must be an owner of any translation company to practice the profession of a legal translator after getting license from the Ministry of Justice.

A translator who is licensed for a particular language pair for example English-Arabic is not authorized to translate any other language than English to Arabic and Arabic to English. A translator who is authorized for Chinese- Arabic is not authorized to do translation for any other language than Chinese to Arabic or Arabic to Chinese and the same applies for legal translators for all other language pairs.

How many languages have legal translators in Dubai, UAE?

There are only a few language pairs in which you find legal translators in Dubai, UAE viz. English- Arabic, Farsi- Arabic, Chinese- Arabic, Spanish-Arabic, French-Arabic, Russian-Arabic, German- Arabic, Turkish-Arabic & Italian- English. For other languages you won’t find a legal translator in Dubai or any other Emirates.

How do you identify that a translation is legal or not?

The translation must be done on the letterhead of the legal translation company where the legal translator works as an employee or is an owner of the legal translation company. Every page must be stamped and the stamp must bear the license number of the legal translator, his complete name and the mention of the language pair for which the translator has received a license from the Ministry of Justice. The legal translator must sign all pages and the translation must have a declaration from the legal translator as laid down by the Ministry of Justice of UAE.

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