Backpackers Guide To The Northern Territory


There are very few places in the world that are as legendary for backpackers as the Australian Outback. This northern region has long been a prime destination for travelers from all across the globe due to its rugged remoteness, its abundance of exciting adventures, its amazing scenery, and its plethora of colorful small towns dotted across the landscape. An Outback adventure is something you won’t forget any time. So if you think you’re ready, then grab yourself a cheap campervan hire and hit the roads of the Outback. Before setting off, you should know what to expect. There are many great aspects to this region plus some safety tips to follow in order to make your trip the best it can possibly be in the Northern Territory.

Take A 4WD Adventure!

There are lots of travelers who come from all over the world in order to experience the 4WD adventures that are on hand here. You won’t be able to believe all the different trails on hand here. There are dozens of regions that are well known for their 4WD adventure possibilities. Some of these trails cover the most remote and wondrous regions of the Outback, putting travelers into regions that can only be seen after days of travel. Many visitors in the region have stated that the only real way to experience the Outback is to get out in a 4WD vehicle and off the beaten track, camping out under the expansive night skies and moving through this rugged and remote terrain that hasn’t changed in decades, if not centuries. You should definitely look into it if this sounds like a good experience.

Explore Outback Towns

There are a number of towns through the Outback where you can unwind and enjoy a nice meal and even a night in a hotel. These are remote country towns such as Alice Springs where you can get a taste of small town comfort and grab a beer in one of the famous country pubs that are located in these villages. Some of them are nothing more than a post office, a pub, a hotel, and a few residences. There is nothing like these outback towns to give you a taste of the unique culture and personalities of the Outback.

Activities Galore

If you’re into the outdoors, then the Outback will certainly be your paradise. There is just so much to do here that it may be overwhelming to decide what to take on. If you’re into rafting, then there is some of the absolute best in the world to be found here. If you’re looking to get out on the trails, then this is easily some of the most epic hiking territory to be found anywhere in the world. And then there are mountain biking expeditions, 4WD adventures, and the most remote wilderness camping experiences one can ever experience. A cheap campervan hire adventure is all about taking in as much outdoor sporting activities as possible then the Outback will definitely be your best possible trip.

Enjoy The Scenery

There can be no doubt that the Outback has stunning scenery. No matter how many movies, postcards, or online photos you have seen regarding the Outback, nothing prepares you for actually experiencing this region live in person. The absolute remote locations, the wide range of different terrains, the massive expanses of sky, and the wildlife are like nothing you will ever see anywhere else in the world. Going on an Outback expedition is like going back in time, especially since certain regions have looked the same for centuries. You will have to prepare yourself for the stunning scenery if you’re heading into the Outback.

Prepare For Remote Conditions

Unlike a lot of locations that fall into the “wilderness” category, the Outback is incredibly remote in a very real way. There are certain locations within the expanse of the Outback where you will literally be hundreds of miles from the nearest gas station, hospital, or town. Although there are definite benefits to this type of region, you must keep in mind that there are dangers involved as well. Due to the remoteness of the region you will want to make sure you have emergency supplies on hand such as extra clothes, medical supplies, and a surplus of food and water. Since you won’t be able to reach the needed help like you would in other areas, you should keep in mind that there can be some hazards as well.

The Northern Territories have long been at the top of the bucket lists of many a hardcore traveler. If you want remote wilderness locations, plenty of adrenaline pumping activities, and colorful small towns to explore, then get in a cheap campervan hire and follow in the footsteps of the thousands of backpackers before you who have relished this unique region.

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