Barbara Victoria Montalvo – 2020 Fashion Tips for The Pear-Shaped Body


Most women have a pear-shaped body that means your figure is the widest below the waist around the hips. Note that this body shape is dominant in several women, even if you are short, tall, skinny, or heavy. Fashion experts say you should choose prints and other details around the neck so that you can draw away the attention away from the hip area. Ensure that your tops do not end at the hips, or else you will draw attention there.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo – What should pear-shaped women wear?

Barbara Victoria Montalvo is a fashion blogger from New York. She is known for her high-end and street style fashion. She says the 2020 major fashion runways at Milan, London, New York, and Paris had some amazing collections this year, Trench coats, shorts suits, puffy sleeves, chunky boots, classics like stripes, mom’s jeans and more were a treat to the eye. However, most women long to look glamorous and fashionable with the right clothes. She says that the pear-shaped woman has to select the perfect design and cut to help her accentuate her figure and physical features. She says that if you are pear-shaped, you should elongate your figure by wearing fewer heavy bottoms.

Go in for dark colours in the dark at the bottom  

You should balance your shoulders and hips by highlighting your curves. Your upper body needs to be accentuated with the perfect top. She suggests you should always sport something dark in colour to get a slimmer look at the bottom. For 2020, you can take a nice tailored pant and pair it with a top that is eye-catching and attractive. This helps you to highlight your best features and ensure attention is taken away from the hip area.

For instance, you can wear a dark-coloured skirt that is knee-length or a skirt that is A-line. You may go in for any other solid colour if you do not want to wear black, but make sure it is dark in colour. The skirt should be darker than the top that you have on top. She suggests that you should pay attention to the tops you wear. You should choose colours that are vibrant and fun. 

Barbara Victoria Montalvo says you should check out flared pants and other bottoms that flatter your figure. She says that pear-shaped women should stay away from capris and pants that are tapered at the bottom. They will draw attention to the hips and ruin your looks. Tunic tops are in for 2020, so you can use them for getting the elongated look. Make sure the tunic top you choose does not end at the hip, and it should cling to your tummy. The idea of a good tunic top is to hide everything that is underneath. These tops not only make you look taller, but they accentuate the arms and your upper body. They make you look leaner and taller at the same time. Add many to your closet this year so that you can step out in style and look great!

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