Benefits Of Using Operable Walls In Educational Institutions


Since operable walls got introduced in the market, it saw a lot of traction in the corporate and education sectors. A lot of advancements have taken place both in the ways facilities are managed these days along with their construction methods. Some of them are mere results of forwarding thinking while others such as sustainable solutions are the by-product of doing one’s part when it comes to preserving the environment.

Operable walls serve a lot of interest to the educational institutions all over the globe especially the ones who want to make their facilities environment-friendly, adaptive, scalable and easy to maintain. These movable wall systems are not only environmentally friendly but are also known for their durability when compared to drywall interiors. With that being said, let us take a closer look at the benefits of movable wall systems in educational institutions.

Operable walls are high on soundproofing factor

Classrooms are meant to be places where both students and teachers need to be in their attentive form so that information is delivered and retained in the most ideal manner. This is where soundproofing plays a vital role. Dry walls can filter out most of the outside noise but they fail to match the soundproofing abilities of operable walls. The materials used for manufacturing movable wall systems are at par with the soundproofing material that is used in professional recording studios. So you get the idea right!?

They are known for their impressive functionalities

When movable wall systems are introduced in an educational institution, it allows the same to scale up or scale down a particular area as per their requirement. In case one wants to transform an auditorium to several small classrooms, they can do that easily given the auditorium is outfitted with a movable wall system.

Movable walls are easy to customise and make compatible with classroom accessories like smart boards which makes them a great supporter of both collaboration and creativity. One can also ask the movable wall system installing professionals to include sliding doors in the mix to promote privacy and security.

The possibilities are endless when one takes a moment and tries to visualise the applications of movable wall systems in an educational institution. A single but large area can be easily transformed into learning centres, research labs, offices for the administrators and many more. Get the idea?

They are a sustainable solution

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs of this blog post, movable wall systems are friendlier solutions when compared to drywall interiors. They are designed with sustainability in mind. Movable wall systems mostly consist of wall panels that are made using either glass or metal framing with plywood. It ensures that, during installations, minimum material is wasted. On top of that, the materials that are used by movable wall system manufacturers all meet international regulations. It means that they can be both recycled and reused several times.

The most important message that one should take away from this blog post is that going for operable walls is a wise decision especially when one is talking about an educational institution. It is not only a cost-efficient solution but also preferred by educational institutions from all over the globe for its flexibility. In order to make an institution future proof and ready for the challenges that lay ahead, going for operable walls is ideal.

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