Build Relation With Customers: A Vital Marketing Strategy


Customers are regarded as one of the most crucial assets possessed by any business organisation. When it comes to building up a good brand image among the public, proper management techniques are to be put into practice. Those who are in charge of maintaining a good image of a company is termed as a public relation. The PR department in any organisation is not only meant for publicity rather it is a way to maintain good will between the public and an organisation.

Purpose Of Research In Public Relation

Most of the organisations think that holding communication with the public is a simple task. However, their ignorance of such a vital department degrades their image in front of the public. An organisation is required to understand the implication of public relation and this is the reason, why most of the organisations conduct PR research. The main purpose of the research is to establish strategic approaches to communication plans.

It often happen that lack of guidance or strategy does not let the effective working of the communication channel between organisation and public. It creates a major issue and leads to miscommunication thereby reducing profit margins. The impact of our communication plans can only be understood through research.

Types Of Research

Research in public relation can fall under the categories of informal research and formal research.

  • Formal research: This type of research allows a firm to gather data regarding responses of customer regarding an organisation. It is undertaken for measuring results and one of the main purposes of formal PR research is to generate both qualitative as well as quantitative data. An organisation with the help of formal research would know the type of PR strategy that can be put into practice for gaining trust of the public.
  • Informal research: Conversations are held with public for conducting informal research. An organisation basically go through the comment section of customers or check emails send by them for gaining a sound knowledge regarding their opinions. Data that is gathered from this type of research is utilised to bring changes in the PR strategies of an organisation. It is regarded as one if the ideal way to follow the changing trends of the industry. Informal research is mainly taken up for spreading the message to public that the organisation is able to maintain communication with both external as well as internal publics.

Outcome Of Effective PR Strategy

Public relation strategies are sure to assist an organisation to manage two-way communication systems and also to deal with a crisis situation. Each and every organisation, be it small or big should place the opinions and interest of their public on top of the list. Studies have shown that those organisations that are able to develop good PR campaigns have gain success in building their good public image.

When you began to take the help of right type of media channels, you are definitely going to reach to your target customer groups thereby establish your brand image.

Thus, research seems to be an important part of understanding the ways to implement or improve existing public relation strategies so as to gain maximum profit.

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