Coronavirus Prevention – How To Stop Yourself From Touching Your Face?


We all know that Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day, especially in recent days. Besides, lots of changes are happening across the world because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Some of them include working from home, closing shopping malls, pubs, clubs, schools, colleges and etc. A lot of health care professionals and celebrities are trying to create awareness among people about this dangerous virus, but we can still see some people not following the basic preventive measures. Remember that, not following the basic preventive measures can put your life in danger. In short, not following preventive measures means higher chances to get affected with this virus.

Coronavirus – Preventive Measures

Do follow the below mentioned preventive measures every day to minimize the risk of Coronavirus infection.

  • Make sure that you avoid gathering outside in groups. In short, stay at home until the situation outside settles down completely.
  • Make sure that you wash vegetables and fruits properly before having them or before keeping them in refrigerator or cupboard. Don’t forget to wash your hands with a sanitizer or with antibacterial soap before and after cleaning them.
  • Avoid sharing your personal items with others like your toothbrush, comb, towel, mobile phones and etc.
  • Avoid feeding your children with your hand instead you could use a spoon to feed them. This is just to ensure that the dust or bacteria or virus do not enter into their system.
  • Consult a doctor immediately even if you are suffering from mild cold, cough and fever. Quarantine yourself immediately if you fall sick. Remember not quarantining yourself can put your love life in danger.
  • Wear a mask daily especially when you go out of your home.
  • Don’t touch any part of your face with your hands because the virus or bacteria on your hands can enter into your system.
  • Stop hugging and handshaking if you want to stay safe from Coronavirus. In short, avoid touching other people.

Ways to stop yourself from touching your face

  • Wearing a mask can definitely stop you from touching your face up to 80% to 90%.
  • Choose an alternative option, if you really want to touch your face. Wash your hands with a good antibacterial soap or a sanitizer before touching any part of your face.
  • Have control of your mind. Start thinking about the consequences whenever you feel like touching your face.

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