Do You Know How Keys2drive Can Benefit New Learner Drivers?


This year, more than tens of thousands of families in Australia are set to get benefit from the extension of the new keys2drive program introduced by AAA. Now, this will deliver completely free lessons to all learner drivers as well as their supervisors and parents through to 2021.

LTRENT too has provided their support by letting their keys2drive accredited instructors participate in this program by providing lessons to supervisors as well as parents of the new learner drivers who are aspiring for their driver’s license.  

Reduce accidental deaths

Almost 50 percent of the injury deaths among young people in Australia are because of road traffic crashes. So far the statistics available, most of the young drivers who are between the age of 17 and 25 represent 25 percent of all Australian road accident deaths, while they are just 10 to 15 percent of the population of drivers in Australia.

That is the primary reason why it was felt necessary to continue providing long-standing support to this essential Keys2Drive program. This program offers the entire youth a lesson on road safety program not only to learner drivers, but also to their parent and supervisor that can sensitize all to remain safe while driving.

Create a better sense of driving

An analysis was done recently about this Keys2Drive program that showed that the participants in NSW were found to be 40 percent less likely to get involved in a certain crash that can cause moderate to serious kind of injury. 

Also, it showed that they were 28 percent less likely to get involved in any kind of road crash during the initial 6 months after getting their driving license.

Designed to create a better driving sense

This new Keys2Drive course has been designed for establishing a much safer driving practice particularly among the learner drivers who are below the age group of 25, who are at most risk of having a fatal crash after obtaining their provisional license. 

Research has proved statistically that after more amount of supervised practices that a learner driver will undertake, the lower will be their chances of getting involved in any road crash.

Government expenses reduced

After conducting a recent AAA research, it was found that road crashes had cost the Australian economy about $30 billion annually, which was mainly in terms of loss of life and also well-being, disability care, and vehicle damage.

Also, it found that the cost incurred by the Australian government on various road crashes in the form of income support, lost taxation, and health/emergency services were almost $3.7 billion that could be reduced.

Created more awareness

Since 2008, AAA administered this new Keys2drive and so far delivered this free lesson to about more than 250,000 new learner drivers. This program aims to contribute to Australian road safety by offering information to entire learner drivers and also to their supervising drivers.

This has created more awareness about road safety and its implications has been noticed among the newly licensed drivers and also helped supervisors to become better informed and also more confident about their role.

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