Four proven methods to stop overthinking at trading


Human nature is totally unpredictable. People are always making a decision based on emotions and logic. In trading, you can’t afford to trade with emotion. Taking emotional steps and placing your trade will put an end to your trading career. By seeing the complexities in the learning stage, rookies in Singapore always try to create a robust trading method. To them, a robust trading method is nothing but the use of complicated tools and other variables. They get too involved in the market and start overthinking. And this leads to overtrading. As a currency trader, you can’t afford to overthink technical details to find good trades.

So, how can we stop overthinking in trading? To tell you the truth, there is no exact way to do this. But if you follow some key steps, you won’t be trading with emotion. Once you remove emotions from the equation, you won’t be overthinking the trades.

Trade to lose money

You might be thinking about what sort of technique this is. This is by far the most effective way to stop overtrading and overthinking. The majority of people are trading to earn money. In their subconscious, they are always thinking about big profit. Such an approach usually forces them to overthink about a certain trade so that they can increase the lot. Without increasing the lot it is not possible to secure insane profit. As a result of this, the traders lose a big portion of their capital even though they have analyzed the trade signals with many technical parameters. But if you trade to lose money, you won’t be able to risk too much. In your subconscious mind, you will be prepared to deal with the loss. This can help you to boost your confidence level.

Trade with the best broker

Do you know why the skilled traders love to trade with the best broker? It’s because of the high-end trading environment and initial deposit requirement.  By investing a decent amount of money, you can actually create a way to earn your living. A good broker knows this very well. To find the address of a good broker, you can visit your search on the internet. Moreover, a good broker also provides a low leverage trading account which solves the problem of a big lot size. 

So, you won’t have to think about the lot size during the trade execution. Rookies might think a high-class broker provides low leverage to limit the profit you can make. In reality, they are doing it so that you don’t have to blow up your investment.

Read stories of successful people

Being a trader, you need to keep yourself motivated. For that, you should stories about the successful trader since it will help you to reorganize your thinking. The successful traders are always executing quality trades. In fact, they have the world’s simplest trading strategy. They are not addicted to this market and they are not spending hours to find one good trade. Instead, they are using a valid trading routine which allows them to find quality trades. So, create a unique trading routine so that you can make some serious profit from this market. Think about the long term trading techniques and try to come up with a unique idea. If you feel unmotivated, read more stories about successful people.


Overthinking is very bad in any profession. New traders should start trading with a proper routine. They should learn the importance of trading journal as it will keep them disciplined. Stop taking too much risk and limit the risk factors by using the traditional risk management policy. Being an amateur, you might feel the urge to trade with high risk but this can be solved by using a simple concept of 2% risk management.

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