What Makes Chevrolet Blazer 2020 So Much in Demand?


One of the Chevrolet cars which are highly in demand is the new Blazer 2020. It comes packed with power, sturdy body, and design inspired from the popular vehicle Camaro. It isn’t a burly design with simple looks but a hardy car with sleek design that would attract any passerby’s attention. This is why more people are inquiring about Blazer 2020 from Scottsdale Chevrolet dealership

Let’s take a dive into its specifications!

Changes in new Blazer 2020

Chevrolet has made a few major changes for the 2020 version which includes an optional engine. Apart from it, this option engine forced to make some changes in this vehicle’s trim. Also, AWD has become standard for some of the variants which were optional in some of them. Thus, the major change which people are talking about and what makes it in demand is its new powerful engine; details of which is provided later in the engine specification section below. 

Engine and more 

The standard engine used in this car consist of a four-cylinder 2.5L engine which pairs with the automatic 9-speed transmission. It offers an output of 193 hp. The engine which makes this car so much in demand is the optional one which is V6 3.6L engine that generates 308 horsepower and is also paired with an automatic 9-speed transmission. However, AWD is available for the V6 model only. 

The FWD trim comes with substantial power for people trying to use it for everyday transportation vehicle in a city as well as on a highway. However, V6 provides one with a massive acceleration which is ideal for passing other cars on the highway. 

The standard engine takes about 6.3 seconds to reach 0-60 mph while the V6 takes only 4.6 seconds to reach 0-60 mph; this makes it much better than its competitors. According to EPA ratings, the new Blazer offers 22 mpg when driving in a city and 27 when on the highway. Though it’s not the most fuel-efficient car in this segment, it makes up for it through its other impressive features. 

In addition, the FWD can tow a maximum of 1500 pounds but AWD trims can tow 4500 pounds approximately. Hence, this car is not just fast but is powerful enough to tow heavy load. 

Versions available 

Six versions are available which makes people confuse as to why one to purchase. The base model is L which costs $29,995 only. The mid-tier trim includes LT, 2LT, and 3LT which are priced at $33,495, $33,995, and $38,195 respectively. 

The higher end versions include RS and Premier which starts from $42,500 and $43,895 respectively. 3LT and RS are the most sold models of this car; however, many people over time have opted for either 2LT or Premier version according to their need. To know about the differences and more one can simply visit Scottsdale Chevrolet dealer

So, now that you understand the reasons for this car’s ample demand in market, it high time you book a test drive and get one for yourself. If you are looking to feel the rush and thrill of driving should definitely opt for the V6 engine. Just try it and you will see what makes this car remarkable!

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