Habits That are Hurting Your Employer Brand


Recruitment plays a very important role to those who have a desire to extend their reach by expanding their business. With that being said, companies doing might be doing a few things that are hurting their chances of recruiting quality employees without them every knowing it.Let us look at some of the bad habits that you will want to avoid to protect your employer branding.

Too Much Attention to Customers

A huge number of companies today spend too much of their attention to customers rather than their employees. Although this is a good thing, the practice itself will hurt the company in the long especially today in this increasingly competitive job market. Not investing time in building a good employer branding greatly increases the likelihood of missing out on great candidates that could have been a great addition to their business.

Not Making Use of Technology

It should be noted that both are often drawn to new innovations in the field that they are interested in. Companies who don’t integrate new technology to their business can end up being left out easily being overshadowed by the innovators. This is the reason why a huge number of business owners today are taking the necessary measures of setting up and integrating their services with new technologies. The same principle can also be applied with people who are looking for jobs as they prefer working in a company that are willing to keen in adapting new chances and innovations to benefit their business.

Taking Social Media for Granted

Social media platforms today have become an essential marketing channel and tool that helps draw the attention of a huge number of job seekers on a regular day to day basis. Gone are the days of looking for job in the morning paper as most of these are now posted over the internet. Having a social media page for your business also makes it relatively easy for potential employees to research the background of the company that they are interested in. This in turn helps give them a good amount of overview on what to expect with regards to the overall quality of the products or service that you will be able to provide.

Having One Social Media Profile

It is a good practice to create a different profile for platforms such as Twitter and Facebook that is dedicated in posting job listings. Doing so can help filter the content that you post from your audience while at the same time, separate your employer branding from your traditional marketing endeavors. This in turn makes it relatively easy for your intended audience to find the content that they want and read through them in a timely and orderly manner.

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