What are the necessary elements for your blog design that you need to take care of


Lately, the popularity of blogs has increased, and more and more people are getting into blogging. Bloggers are those who have a deep passion for writing and who can put their thoughts into writing. Blogging turns out to be one of the ways to express what one is thinking, and also, the readers of these blogs feel that they have someone they could relate to.

Initially, after tackling the situations of choosing a domain and hosting service, bloggers have yet another problem standing in front of them. This problem is choosing the necessary elements for your blog design. Blog design can be described as the overall layout of a blog and how it looks. An organized, neat, and interactive blog design helps in increasing traffic on a blog. You can refer to myvu to get to know how a proper blog design should look like.

Here are some of the mandatory elements that you need to take care of in your blog design:

1) Header and Footer

A header and footer are nothing but the topmost and bottommost margin of a page, respectively. You need to have a unique header and footer according to the theme of your blog, and it should not be left empty to give it a proper and organized look. A blog with an appropriate header and footer catches the attention of the readers instantly.

2) Easy navigation

You should make the content or categories of your blog precise and to the point so that the user does not have a hard time browsing the blog. Too many categories can leave the reader confused.

3) Search option

You should also provide a search bar for your blog. If a user has to search for a specific detail in your blog, and it does not have the search option, then they might have a hard time on your blog.

4) Sharing options

You must include a share option in your blog, which includes all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This will increase the reach, visibility, and traffic on your blog.

5) Comments section

To make any new content, a creator needs feedback. Some readers might need to share their reviews or opinions regarding your blogs, and you must include a comment section for them to do so.

6) About me

You should have a very unique, creative and appealing ‘about me’ section. This is one of the primary things that a user looks for in a blog. It might also act as the first impression of your blog. It should convey everything that your blog is about.

7) Archives

Your new readers are well aware of your recent posts but know little to nothing about your previous work. You need to include an archives section in your blog for the readers to know about the initial content that you used to post.

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