Remember to smile!


Do you know what person see when they first meet you? It’s your smile. A nice smile goes along way. But that’s not what’s important, the most important thing is keeping your teeth healthy. Some may not realize it but it is extremely important, it’s like how you exercise on a daily basis to keep your body healthy, and you need to do the same with teeth. Brush them, floss them, and go to a dentist in Yarrawonga if that’s where you live for check ups. It is a must that you do. Your teeth are just as important as the rest of your body.

Who’s the best?

If you live in Yarrawonga there are actually a couple of places, but the most know one is North East Dental Solutions or more commonly know as NEDS. This dentistry has been in business for over 40 years and has perfected everyone’s smiles. They use the latest technology to make it more comfortable and easier for the customers. Not only that but they offer some of the best services out there. So you can’t really go wrong with choosing NEDS, they are the best.

What kind of services do they offer?

The dentist in Yarrawonga, NEDS offer tons of services that will have your teeth looking the best they’ve ever been. They offer;

  • Digital smile design- this is a service that allows you to check how your teeth will be after your procedures.
  • Emergency dental – if you’ve got a sudden toothache not to worry you can fix it.
  • General dentistry – this is all the normal procedures like whitening and such.
  • Teeth replacement –dental implants are given.
  • Invisible braces- just like braces without the metal and the wires
  • Children benefit dental scheme – these are basic dental treatments for children between the ages of 2-17.
  • Mouthguards –custom mouthguards for less risk of dental injuries.
  • Sedation –receive pain free treatments while you “sleep”
  • Injectables – cosmetic injections to freshen up your face

How to contact them?

If you’re interested in NEDS you can visit their site, and on it will have their contact information. So you can always give them a call, and book an appointment if you like. You could book it straight through the site as well by filling in a form. You can also find them on social media, and have a look at the work they’ve done so far.

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