Every year thousands of air coolers are sold in India and there is A high chance that a major portion of these will not see the next summer season. Although there may be a manufacturing defect that shortens its life, improper usage and care of the air coolers also play a major role in its malfunctioning. 

There are lots of options per air cooler both cheap and expensive, but the selection should not be done only by seeing the prices of air coolers. Air cooler prices in India plays a vital role in the selection process of the right cooler that will fit in the budget of people. In-country like India people prefer those brands which gives them complete satisfaction when compared to their price, and here the brand Voltas stands on fulfilling all the demands of its customers. 

When you talk about choosing among various brands to select from, the most searched term which comes to picture is Voltas air cooler price in India which leaves behind all the other brands in it’s run. Voltas tends to deliver the best coolers and also recommends certain tips to its users in order to use the coolers efficiently. Some of those tips are as follows:

PLACING COOLERS IN A WELL VENTILATED SPACE: One of the prime tips which will help you to use air cooler effectively is by placing it in an area where there is good ventilation. When the ventilation will be perfect the room will get cooled completely giving the best end results. 

CLEAN THE WATER TRAY REGULARLY: You should drain the water tray of your air cooler completely and clean it by rinsing it with clear water. This will ensure that the small openings, nooks, and crevices don’t get blocked with unwanted dust, dissolved minerals and other foreign material. This will also prevent the breeding of mosquitos and other small insects that lay their eggs in stagnant water. 

PROPERLY OIL ALL THE MOTOR AND MOVABLE PARTS: The performance of your air cooler depends on the performance of its motor. The healthier and smoother the motor is the more fan speed can be achieved making your room cooler. Make sure to apply 2-3 drops of any good and reliable lubricating oil in a designated place on the motor of your air cooler. This will reduce the internal friction and will also prevent any wear and tear. 

Your air coolers will help you survive the intense heat of summer’s in India provided you take good care of them. The above-mentioned tips are completely effective if one uses it properly and with complete care. If an air cooler is used effectively it will end up providing relief from the scorching heat for 3-4 years. 

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