Have You Been Injured at Work Here Is What You Should Know


Any employer in the UK has a legal duty of care for its employees. The same duty extends, as well, to visitors to a company or contractors working on the premises of a business. Employers are obligated to supply employees all the needed equipment to perform their roles proficiently and securely.

You May Be Eligible for Compensation

This provision also supports access to protective equipment for minimising illness or the possibility of a work-related accident. Because this is a legal requirement, you need to consult with a workplace accident legal specialist if you have become sick at work or have suffered an injury whilst on the job. If so, you may find that you are eligible for compensation.

If you believe you have a workplace claim, you need to set up an appointment with a lawyer who works in this area of the law. If it is established that the employer for whom you are working failed in its legal duty to safeguard you from illness or injury, then you may have the basis for a solid claim.

The Date of Limitation

Even if an employer took all the steps necessary to ensure your safety and well-being, you might still be able to prevail. If you are asking yourself, ‘Do I have a claim with workplace accident lawyers?’ you first need to find out the date of limitation.

There is a time limit in place for filing a claim. Currently, the law states that you have three years to bring forth a claim from the date of a workplace mishap. If the accident occurred over three years ago, the case, under UK law, is statute barred. That means you or a lawyer cannot bring such a claim forward, even at court.

Calculating Compensation

If you find that you can still bring a claim for compensation forward, then you need to understand how compensation is figured. The calculation is based on the extent of your injuries or illness and how your condition will impact your life. Special damages can also be claimed, which cover out of pocket costs for your injury or illness as well as loss of earnings.

After you bring this information forward for a court to review, you may wonder how long the investigation process spans. The length of time for claim processing is based on the complications of a case. If you work with an experienced law firm, it often can win compensation for you in a period of about eight weeks. Again, you have to factor in the type of case that is being reviewed and the complexities involved in the claim.

Reasons for Injuries at Work

Work injuries can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • A defect in equipment or machinery
  • Random training
  • Non-compliance with Health and Safety regulations
  • Negligence of workers or colleagues
  • A falling object
  • Trip, slip and fall incidents
  • Noxious or toxic substances

Any of the above at-work scenarios can open up a portal that requires compensation for sustained injuries or a condition at work. Look at your own situation if you have been injured in the workplace. You may have plenty of good reasons to bring forth a claim.

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