High Quality CBD Packaging for You


There are some main functions of CBD packaging, the role of which can be commercial or technical. In fact, CBD packaging is no longer considered an accessory that is ultimately concerned. It must meet the constraints of all players in the distribution chain. It must also be imbued with social trends and convey values ​​for the consumer. Each function must be taken into account to develop effective CBD packaging.

The technical functions of CBD packaging

The technical function is above all linked to logistics and responds to the functions of conservation and distribution of CBD packaging. This is to protect the product from external and internal aggression, while maintaining its quality. Indeed, the CBD packaging constraints will not be the same for a pack of rice or a laptop.

Conservation and protection

Among the functions of CBD packaging, it is to contain a product, to protect it and to preserve it. Criteria such as airtightness, perspiration and durability must be taken into account. Thus, the product will not be altered by its transport or storage. Likewise, it will be protected from external conditions such as cold, heat and the risk of shock.

Conservation and protection

It is therefore essential to adapt the material to the content. This parameter is all the more important if we are talking about food CBD packaging subject to health risks, vacuum, glass, cardboard, metal, plastic. The materials chosen must be approved for food contact and guarantee optimal conservation and shelf life of the product. The right CBD packaging therefore ensures a high level of hygiene and a certain quality of the product.

Distribution, in connection with transport and storage

CBD packaging, whether primary, secondary or tertiary, must be optimized in order to reduce storage and transport costs. It must allow the distribution of the product. And therefore, constitute a unit of transport, presentation and management of the product (bar code, references, etc.).

It is therefore important to take into account the special requirements of distributors. These concern the storage and disposal of products on the shelves. Indeed, the shape of the CBD packaging must facilitate their transport, efficiently and in sufficient number. Using the Custom CBD oil boxes is important.

Distribution, in connection with transport and storage

In addition, optimized CBD packaging will be correctly placed on the shelves. For this, prefer right angles to round angles, which limit the loss of space in the shelves. Also consider optimizing consumer transport. Some heavy products will indeed be easier to transport by adding a handle.

The commercial functions of CBD packaging

The commercial functions of the CBD packaging are also essential since they make it possible to convey the image of the product, its characteristics and its identity. They have a real impact on sales, much more than we tend to believe. The development of the CBD packaging is therefore the responsibility of the marketing department.

The visual impact or “alert”: attract the consumer and trigger the purchase

When a consumer does his shopping, he perceives an average of 5,000 references in 20 minutes, or 4 products per second! We must therefore differentiate ourselves from its competitors to attract the eye of the consumer. The “alert” function of CBD packaging consists precisely in attracting its attention and creating the impulse to purchase.

Because in addition to its functional dimension, CBD packaging has a sensory and emotional function: in the space of a few seconds, it must send back clear information. To do this, we will play on design, color codes, shapes, and materials. In the department, surprise, generosity, sensuality and emotion must sublimate the product with more impact than the competitors. We should not hesitate to capture the consumer’s eyes straight away and by all these means. The goal is that he immediately perceives the specificity of the product, that he takes it in hand so as not to release it.

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