How Important Is Marketing for the Marijuana Industry


The cannabis industry is expected to grow to $20 billion by 2022. The use of cannabis is prohibited under federal law. There are some states that allow recreational use of cannabis. There are a few marketing strategies to reach recreational users of cannabis. E-commerce is a platform that uses marketing strategies to attract a recreational user to products. Creativity is required when creating a marketing strategy is to attract recreational users. Most countries have laws in place to limit what can be done when marketing recreational cannabis.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Attract Recreational Users

Social media platform still limits the advertising of recreational cannabis of any sort. Many businesses use social media influencers to provide messages to recreational users. Influencers have large social media followings and when businesses put products in influencers’ hands is usually translated to their followers using the same products. Facebook Groups allow companies to connect to users and get messages across to recreational users. Local directories are good places to advertise businesses to attract recreational users to visit dispensaries. Affiliate marketing is a good tool for businesses to use to make people aware of the brain. Affiliate marketing is a good way for businesses to save money regarding advertise. Email marketing is helpful because many recreational uses subscribe to email lists that businesses can use to provide products that enhance the experience of recreational cannabis use. There are a few apps available to help recreational users to locate where products can be found. There are many apps who has several million downloads. Apps provide reviews on new strands of cannabis and allow information to be shared. The apps can also keep people informed regarding upcoming events.

Creative Marketing To Get The Point Across To Recreational Users

The laws that govern marketing for recreational can cannabis will vary from state to state, and they limit what marijuana marketing can be done. There are businesses finding ways and loopholes to get their messages to their target audience. The use of data is helpful in an advertisement. Media outreach is a way business is being creative in reaching recreational users. Street teams are being used as brand ambassadors to get the message across locally in various cities that allow recreational use of cannabis. Product placement is another way to promote their brand. Product placement provides products to influencers. Influencers are seen using more products, and it attracts more recreational users.

Marketing Will Improve When The Federal Ban Is Lifted

The federal law that prohibits the sale of cannabis limits what marketers can create to use marketing campaigns. Marketing will be greatly enhanced by improving e-commerce. E-commerce will begin to really be more influential in spreading the word regarding the recreational use of cannabis when the United States pass federal laws that would legalize cannabis. Marketers will be able to produce campaigns that you would expect from typical businesses. Marketing continues to become a more effective tool as laws become more relaxed.

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