How Technology is Transforming Workplace Storage


Smart Lockers Could Be The Perfect Solution For You

Technology has transformed every area of the workplace, including how we store our personal belongings.

Our workplaces have been totally changed by technology, and that has even extended to the lockers we use to store our belongings. Smart storage has become a firm favourite of companies all over the UK, and it could work wonders in your workplace too.

Technology has changed the workplace

Developments in technology have dramatically changed the way we work, and job roles are very different to what they were, say, 10 years ago. Everything from wearable tech to AI helps us to manage our time and work more efficiently – and you can even order lunch directly to your desk by just picking up your phone! These changes have made our working lives much easier – and technology has even changed the way we store our belongings while we are at work!

What are smart lockers?

You may have heard of smart lockers, but just in case you haven’t, here’s a little crash course. These lockers look and can be used in exactly the same way as regular lockers, but they have some new, very modern features. Rather than someone having a certain locker to themselves, regardless of how often they are working in the office, smart lockers are allocated on an individual need basis. This is all done electronically, without the need to exchange keys. Think of them as ‘hot desking’ lockers, and you’re on the right track.

Perfect for flexible workforces

Statistics show that while the majority of lockers are occupied, they are only used regularly for a fraction of that time. If you have a large number of temporary workers or employees splitting their time between the office and home, smart lockers are the obvious solution for you. When a member of staff is in the workplace, they will be allocated a locker, and then when they have departed, it can immediately be freed up for use by another team member.

Save time and money

There’s growing evidence to suggest that smart lockers could cost your company less in the long run. While you will have to pay for the initial installation, after that the running costs are so, so low. Incredibly energy efficient, they won’t eat into your electricity bill. You won’t waste time (which indirectly costs money) on identifying members of staff who have left belongings in their lockers, and you won’t need to replace any keys and padlocks either.

Environmentally friendly

Every company wants to do their bit for the planet, and using smart lockers for worker’s storage allows you to boost your green credentials. By only allocating lockers as and when you are needed, you won’t need to have as many on the premises. So not as many materials such as wood will be used, lessening your impact on the environment – and manufacturing emissions will be reduced in turn.

Change your storage today

As you can see, the way we store our belongings at work has changed, and for the better! If you are interested in adding smart lockers to your workplace, then why not enquire today? Simplicity Lockers are a leading provider of smart storage, and will be able to help you take that next step today.

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