Technology that is within the reach of the elderly


We can all witness the inevitable rise of the internet and technology. Ever since the rise of these, young individuals always feel the need to keep themselves updated with the latest gadgets and technology. The majority of the tech companies target the youth or the office goers for their products. In the mix of all this, they forget about one of the essential parts of our society, that is, the senior citizens.

We all must be aware of the fact that as we grow older, our dexterity, concentration, and mobility take a steep downfall. It is very hard for the elderly to keep up with the pace with which the technology is advancing.

Some companies, however, have taken up this issue and have made products solely for the use of the senior citizens. Products like, Grandpad, which is a type of tablet and Jitterbug Smart 2, which is in the form of a smartphone. Although these products are made solely for the senior citizens, even then, it can be tough to use for them at times.

Recently, it is found that Sirona.TV A companion for 75+ seniors (like Alexa for Seniors) easier to use Grandpad & Jitterbug Smart 2 from Great Call. It is a gadget which can be used conveniently by the senior citizens without any troubles.

Here are a bunch of reasons on how Sirona TV is the best possible gadget for the senior citizens or the elderly:

1) Sirona TV is one of the most convenient gadgets for the elderly as it takes care of their needs and requirements. It is quite user-friendly and is easy to operate. The large fonts and well-organized categories are present in the gadget, which easily garners the attention of the elderly.

2) It also provides the best possible connectivity. In the case of smartphones, the fonts are too small, whereas a tablet or tab is very hard to carry everywhere. However, a senior citizen can just sit in front of the Sirona TV and operate it according to their will. It is known for having all the general features that a smartphone might have, ranging from games, photo album, contacts, weather, and healthy videos.

3)Smartphones and tablets can be quite hard to use these days due to their advanced technological features. Sirona TV takes care of this issue, as it has easy to use features which the senior citizen can easily learn to operate.

4)Sirona Tv also offers the senior citizens with various features like PERS (Personal Emergency Health System) and an Alexa-like companion. It also offers other beneficial services such as RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring), medical reminders, and health vital.

5)It is also quite cost-efficient as compared to the Grandpad and Jitterbug Smart 2, as it provides its services at the cost of $149 upfront and $15 per month. It directly connects with the home internet or wifi and has no extra charges.

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