How To Coordinate With Your Caterer For A Backyard Reception


Nothing feels cozier than having a backyard wedding. It’s rustic, warm, wistful, and has a certain kind of magic that hits that soft spot in your heart. But like any wedding preparation, making this event successful poses quite the challenge; it covers a lot of things, including serving reception food that will seal your guests’ satisfaction with your occasion. And for that, you’d need a highly reliable Washington DC wedding catering.

Once you’ve done scouting for the best caterer in town, it’s now time to plan your dream backyard reception with them. In this article, we’re rounding up tips on how to communicate effectively with your caterer.

Settle down with a theme. By doing it in a backyard, it doesn’t mean you’ll be restricted to get creative when it comes to your wedding and reception theme. But whether it’s a summer chic kind of wedding or cowboy-themed one, it’s best to settle down with something that you and your partner can pull off given your budget and resources.

Ask for the caterer’s logistics requirements. Will your Washington DC wedding catering team need an extra power supply? How much space do they need? Inquire about things like this on your first meetings so that there will be ample time to address their requirements.

Decorate food stations/presentations accordingly. Depending on the theme you’ve settled down with, your caterer is prompted to plan out a menu and decorate their food presentation and food station/island accordingly. If you’ve got ideas on how to “personalize” your wedding reception (e.g. Decorating it with items sentimental to you as a couple), you need to relay it to your caterer as well.

Shades.Shades.Shades. As backyards are an open area, your guests and your suppliers (i.e. Caterer, documentation team, entertainment) should be provided with ample shade. To address this concern, it’s highly recommended to get in touch with a tent company and rent tents for your wedding and reception.

Make sure people are hydrated. Backyard reception isn’t just about serving good food to keep the good vibe going. In this setting, guests generally tend to become thirstier than usual. Instruct your Washington DC wedding catering to prepare water and refreshments supply, and make it accessible to the attendees.

Secure necessary permits. From electricity concerns to local noise issues, you need to ensure that your backyard wedding and reception is compliant to any ordinances and is duly inspected by a professional. This is also to avoid any mishaps from ruining your very special day.

Consider the clean-up. A lot of trash is expected to be produced on the day of your wedding, and this is especially true for backyard set-ups. When it comes to food-and-drink-related waste, make sure you have coordinated with your caterer on how you will efficiently take care of it.

Have a Plan B. Will your caterer need more space to cater their food prep? Will they need more power supply? Always prepare for a back-up plan to avoid getting stressed out by last-minute adjustments.

For your Washington DC wedding catering needs, contact us today at Saint Germain Catering. Let our tried and tested service and excellent food make your special day more memorable.

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